16 thoughts on “This is something my Dr. Jo has worked really hard on. Can you take a second, sign, and pass along? Thank you!”

  1. I hope everyone signs this – this is a no brainer – I support this legislation without hesitation. It took me all of one minute to sign this and send letters in support to my local NY Reps.

  2. No brainer for sure….signed and forwarded on to Obama and Missouri legislators. 🙂 Rock on Dr. Jo, and Rockstar Ronan Nation!

  3. Signed and sent. The wheels are starting to turn as the movement you and Ronan are creating gathers more and more steam. It is awesome to watch. I am still crying for you and at the same time I am so excited to see what you do next. You are a Rockstar, Maya.

  4. Signed, passed along. Wish that there was more that I could do…..currently (at least for the next year) my family is living in the DC area. So if there is something more we can do from this location, please, let us know.

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