Simple Acts of Beauty

I found this on my Inferno Hike today.  It had tiny bells on it and the piece of paper said this::::::
Maya: If there ever is tomorrow when we’re not together…..there is something you must always remember….you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart….. I’ll always be with you.

Words straight from Ronan’s lips♥ Unbelievable. Thank you for making my day with something so kind and simple. Beautiful Stranger. I love you. Ronan loves you for making me smile, laugh, and cry. Thank you for Mountain Mike for telling me about this on my way down from the mountain. I may have just missed it as I was so caught up in dealing with Inferno Fuckwad Bob. See….. there really IS a reason why certain people are just randomly placed in your lives. Mountain Mike served his purpose today. Thanks, friend.

28 thoughts on “Simple Acts of Beauty”

  1. Love this!!!!! It’s amazing! Got my bracelets today! Can’t wait to show it off and tell Ronans story! Thank you stranger for leaving this! Your fucking rock! And thank you to Mike! 🙂

  2. So touching. You are loved and watched over. Hope that is a start to a wonderful family weekend. Our love and thoughts are with your entire family.

  3. Wow…beyond lovely! F Cancer and Inferno Fuckwad Bob, GO Mike, Beautiful Stranger and Maya! May it help carry you all weekend long! I swear Ronan blesses all of us that follow you. So often I am bombarded with songs, sayings, etc…after I read about them on your blog. This past week….my Will has called me Mama…ALL week. He NEVER has called me MAMA? Melts my heart each time. Love to you, Ronan Sean Thompson and you too Miss Maya!

  4. Maya, I have been blowing up facebook asking every one of my friends to vote and then repost on their wall. It seems like it’s working! So many people responded that they already read your blog as well. I will keep posting for votes until you win!

  5. I also wanted to mention that if you ever want to do a fundraiser concert for the Ronan Thompson Foundation, since music is so much yours and Ro’s thing…ROCKSTARS FOR RONAN, let me know. I have several friends that are music promotors and I would love to volunteer to help on something like that!

  6. So beautiful. I’m a stranger to you, but think about you and your family everyday. I hope you know much support you’re getting, even if you can’t see it.

  7. LOVE is all around you! So awesome.

    PS – Wearing my bracelet. (Thank you Katie at Garage for sending them out so quickly!) Can’t wait to drop a few in random places here in DC and spread the FU Cancer message.

  8. Maya,

    That is so effing amazing. Thanks to Mike and the stranger that left you the message. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your boys.

    Thinking of you and Rickstar Ro.
    Peace and strength

  9. Love this story. It’s so from Ronan. He is with you all the time – believe me I KNOW this. And I absolutely crack up at the name Inferno Fuckwad Bob! You’re hysterical! Love you.

  10. Isn’t it absolutely amazing how such a simple gesture, taking a few moments out of one’s day to show simple kindness to someone you may never have met, can have such a profound impact on the lives of that person? I believe in the ripple effect – where one small act of kindness given without expectation of anything in return can start a ripple effect and change somebody’s world. Simple lyrics that hold such a message of power and truth:
    If you want a freind, be one; if you want love, give it. We don’t really know you or your family Maya, but we send you love every day, because it takes so little effort and just maybe it will make a huge difference in your upside down world.

  11. That is so thoughtful. I believe the same,… “there really IS a reason why certain people are just randomly placed in your lives.” Be blessed.

  12. My favorite quote ever!!! How beautiful and
    touching!!! Love from a stranger…..

    I was at a drive thru yesterday. I finally put back
    on my jewelry. The man that took my money
    looked like a deer caught in headlights when he
    saw a FUCK YOU on my wrist. I could’t figure
    out what the problem was. Then it hit me and
    I turned the whole bracelet around. He then smiled
    back with a HUGE smile.
    Love u Maya!!! My bracelet gives me inspiration!!!!

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