6 thoughts on “This says it all. Simpleness.”

  1. Gosh, he looked and acted soo healthy, it’s just still hard to believe! I’m sorry Maya. 😦 Pray for you every day!

  2. There are really no words. Just so sweet. He should still be here. Thank you for sharing your family’s sweet moments with us. I know it makes me just love you all more.

  3. Loved watching. 3 boys having so much fun right before bedtime. Thanks for sharing. You put a smile on my face and then I say FU Cancer! it’s so not fair!

    Thinking of you, rockstar Ro and your other 3 boys 🙂
    peace & strength mama bear… xo

  4. Just thinking of you and Ronan today. “Do not measure your sorrow by their worth for then it will have no end.” — Shakespeare

  5. Maya – just loving the raspberries Ronan blows at the camera. And the fun those boys are having is fabulous – the small things that make us smile. I can’t tell you enough how much I think about you and how much I wish I could take away your pain and tell you it will all get easier. It just doesn’t – you just learn a new path in life – tough and rocky at times but also filled with laughter and happiness too. The one constant is the love you have for Ronan and your family and friends. And the love they all have for you. Enough from me now but I may just blow raspberries all day for Ronan. A Ronan Raspberry day. Big love to you all from me in the UK xx

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