5 thoughts on “This is what happiness looked like. Fuck you, Cancer.”

  1. why, why is it this way? why is it all like this? Yes, fuck cancer again and again and again. For stealing Ronan and so many other children. For stealing my little girl’s childhood. For taking away her ability to walk even a step without help (it better be “just” chemo or something else that will resolve itself) or I don’t know what I will do. Fuck cancer for making life so hard for Mia and for Charlie and Vivi. Fuck cancer for messing with your family Maya. But you will all stand strong and united – you have to. Don’t let cancer mess with that. I know it won’t. I’m so, so sorry that we don’t have a cure.

  2. I love how Ronan does everything Liam and Quinn does.
    Their little shadow! Fearless…

    FU Cancer over and over again!

    Thanks for sharing…
    peace & strength

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