Rain from Ro

Ronan. So many people made today, not an awful day. Friends, family, strangers and even you. As much as I was dreading today…. too many things happened for it to be anything, but beautiful. For as awful as I was feeling inside, there were too many things in the Universe, spinning around, not in my hands… making today bearable. I survived today and even made it though the day with a smile. Something I don’t do very often anymore. Something I miss doing so very much.

The day started off normally. Well, kind of. I was tired from not falling asleep until early morning. I heard Quinn come into my room around 6 a.m., saying he had a bad dream. I had just fallen asleep a few hours earlier. I wrapped my arms around him and we both fell back asleep. It was 8 before we woke up and I thought about just staying in bed and keeping your brothers home with me today. I knew if I did this, that it would not be a good day. I would have ended up hiding in bed, and not coming out. That is something your brothers do not need to see and I do not need to do. It only makes me feel worse. I got up, got Quinn up and we rushed to get out of the house before school started. We barely made it. I dropped your brothers off and went to Hava Java to meet N and Fernanda for coffee. I found a table outside, which never happens; as that place is always packed. Fernanda showed up and N soon after. I just happened to get a table right next to Susan Levine. She came to visit us when you were there. Gosh, she is beautiful. She knows, N and said Hello. I went up to her and gave her a hug and I thought I was going to have to remind her who I was, but I didn’t. She remembered. Even in my running shorts, no make-up, baseball hat self. She still recognized me as your Mom. I tried not to cry and thanked her for her amazing Ryan House. It was strange seeing her today, on your 4 months, but it felt like it was supposed to happen. Like it was meant to be.

I sat outside with N and Fernanda. We talked and caught up. N had to leave after a short amount of time due to a work call. It felt nice just to see her face. After N left, I sat with Fernanda and we talked about how I want to go back to NYC…. to have a few words with Kushner. We both know it will not do any good, as we are sure he is not capable of dealing with an emotional, angry mother. I don’t care if I don’t get though to him at all. I just want that man to look me in the eyes and tell me he is sorry. How he promised things that he should not have, and that when he couldn’t deliver, he abandoned us. He owes that to you, Ronan. I need closure. It is something that I cannot do without. It is part of my healing process. It may seem stupid and trivial, but it is important to me.

As Fernanda and I were sitting outside, we weren’t really talking, we were just being. I do this with her a lot. As we were both just being, we looked up at the sky. It started to rain. Rain in September. Rain from Ro. The sky opened up and I swear it was just over Hava Java as the clouds were nowhere else to be seen. Fernanda and I both looked at each other and just sat, held hands across the table and cried. We both know the rain was from you. You know how happy rain makes me. It is one of my favorite things in the world. I felt the little drips of the rain, on my lips and the tip of my nose. Kisses from you. It was such a perfect moment. So simple and filled me with a bit of joy. The fact that I had this moment while Fernanda sat across from me, made it even better. I know you saw the two of us today. You wanted us to know that you are still around and that you are taking care of us now. I really believe this to be true. We sat with the rain and it stopped after a few minutes. I didn’t want to leave but had to get on with the day. Inferno Hiking was waiting. It wasn’t much of an Inferno Hike today. You out of towners are going to laugh when I tell you how “Cool,” the temperature was. It was only 101 today so the Inferno did not exist. I cannot believe I am even saying that. Anywhere else, and 101 would be boiling. Not here. It felt chilly today as I climbed the mountain in that degree of heat and not the 115 that I have been hiking it in. I got to the top and sat down on my bench. I actually laid down and cried my eyes out all while watching the most amazing clouds roll in and the wind thrash back and forth. It was really windy up there today. I listened for you. I talked to you and told you I love you. I hope you heard me. I stayed up top for a good 30 minutes and ran all the way back down. Right as I was ending my run, The Bravery song that I played for you last night, came on. So funny. So fitting. So you.

I came home, showered and the doorbell rang. I went to answer it and it was a delivery guy with the most gorgeous purple flowers. A card was attached, and said something about making this day brighter, but no name was signed. So, I have no idea whom these flowers came from today but I am going to say Thank You, anyway. So thoughtful, sweet, and made me smile. They are gorgeous. What’s even more gorgeous is the fact that somebody out there sent me these flowers, without needing me to know who they are. I love deeds such as this. That says so much about a person. So, lovely stranger or friend. Thank you for your kindness today. I love that no recognition was needed. But I’m still dying to know who sent them! If you want to tell, feel free to send me a little message;) If not, that’s o.k. too. I totally understand.

I headed over to see Katie at her boutique. I brought her a Green Tea from Starbucks and a slew of bracelets. She said her phone had been ringing off the hook all day and her email was flooded with requests for your bracelets. I could not believe it. I am still in awe of the support and love that is coming from all of this. I sat at the counter, while she rang up customers. I am surprised at how much at home I feel in Katie’s store and with her. I hardly know this girl, yet her store feels like a second home to me. So strange. I feel like I’ve known her my entire life even though I only met her last week. I am such a skeptic of people too and their intentions. I feel only good vibes when I am with Katie. I know she is helping me because she is just a good-hearted person; not because she wants anything from all of this. She has nothing to gain, she has no reason to put herself out there to gain anything. Her intentions are so true and pure. I love this. As I was sitting at her counter, while she was gift wrapping something for a customer, guess what came on while I was sitting there? Stevie Nicks, “Landslide.” I just looked at Katie and gave her a hard time about putting that song on, on purpose. We both laughed and then the tears started to well up in my eyes. We just kept staring back and forth at each other, both getting teary eyed, while trying to keep our composure in front of her customer. Katie yelled out, “O.K. I can’t even look at you right now.” I just smiled and wiped my tears away. It was such a funny moment. I left there shortly after to grab your brother and cousins from school.

I had a crazy house full of boys. Wild, funny, happy boys. I had 4 of your cousins over to play. 2 of them are staying the night. It’s been a really great night. I love nothing more than being surrounded by kids. It’s my happiness. I took your brothers and cousins to basketball practice. Your daddy is coaching their team again. I watched my two little hoopsters and what amazing players they have become. You would be so proud of them. After practice, your Daddy went to the ASU football game. I took the 4 boys and we decided to try a restaurant, “Beckett’s Table,” for dinner. We have wanted to try this place out for months now. I was so excited to go somewhere new, with my date of 4 boys all under the age of 8. All the boys were really excited too. We sat outside in this amazing weather and had the best service. A really sweet server came out after we had been there for about 30 minutes. We were the only one’s on the patio, eating, but she came out to say Hello and to tell me that she reads this blog. I was surprised, as I guess I kind of forget that I’ve put myself out there in such a way that strangers recognize me. I gave her a big hug and told her thank you. She asked if I Inferno Hiked today and I told her yes. She than said something about how she felt so voyeuristic about knowing all of this stuff about me and asked me if it felt weird. I told her I honestly didn’t think about it at all and I still think that I am really only writing to you, and that nobody really reads what I write. I told her how much I appreciated her coming up to me and saying hello, because I do. So many people won’t and that just sucks. I would rather have someone tell me they are sorry than say nothing at all. As I was gathering up the 4 best dates in the world, we walked out of the restaurant and I smiled and said thank you to the people who were standing by the kitchen. One of the managers chased me out to tell me that our dinner, was on them tonight. I tried to put up a fight but she just was not having it. I wanted to cry but I put on my brave face and told her thank you so much. The kindness of this big city, is really something remarkable. The chocolate covered bacon was amazing. Actually, everything was amazing. Thank you, Beckett’s Table tonight. It was truly one of the best dinners out that I have had in a VERY long time. We’ll be back, for sure:)

I missed you today and tonight, Ro. In everything I did. Even driving in the car. I looked in my rear view mirror today, at the place where you used to sit, behind me. It was empty and felt so wrong. I almost had to pull the car over to throw up. I can’t believe I don’t have you behind me anymore, throwing things at my head, squeezing toothpaste that you had found, all over yourself and smearing it on the windows. This is so fucking wrong. So unfair. So permanent. I still can’t believe that you are never coming back. I still feel like your Daddy is going to come bouncing through the doors with you. I still feel like I made you up in my head, because the pain of knowing that you were here, and are now gone, is just too much. People say this gets easier over time. I’m here to tell you, it does not. 4 months later, and the pain is worse. Your Daddy agrees too. Time does not heal wounds. If you survive something like this, you just learn to live with the pain. You learn to fill the holes here and there, but there will always be a big chunk of your heart missing. That is a fact. It does not get easier, you never forget, the pain does not become less over time. It stays with you, every second of the day until you just becomes used to it. It is just a part of the person you are. Pretty soon, you are so used to the pain of all of this, that you don’t remember what it felt like before. It is as if you have felt this way your entire life. Well, this is my experience anyway. To each his own.

Time to go baby. I love you to the moon and back. I hope you are safe. Sweet dreams, baby doll. I love you so very much.

Goodnight my lovelies. Thank you to everyone who texted me super early this morning to say they were thinking of me, for all the phone calls, FB messages, emails. smiles, hugs, random flowers and a really sweet dinner. I am in awe of all the love that surrounds us thanks to Ronan. Love you all.


11 responses to “Rain from Ro”

  1. Glad your day was much better than you thought. So happy you are feeling all the love that is out there for your entire family.hope you have a good weekend. Our love, thoughts and prayers go outbto your entire family.

  2. Maya,

    I’m so happy you had a great date with 4 amazing boys. If I saw you I would let you know I read your blog every day. I’d hug you a little tighter. For you and for Rockstar Ro.

    The flowers that was so beautiful.

    Hope you gave sweet dreams with Rockstar Ro. To the moon and back.

    Peace and strength

  3. Maya,

    I was watching a documentary today about the september 11 terrorist attacks and how victims families feel now that it has been ten years and a woman who lost her firefighter husband was saying that the pain never goes away..I thought of you..she said she can compare it to a brick always being in your pocket..that sometimes you might not think about it but it is always there…


  4. Maya, I thought of you so much yesterday – and my boys and I prayed for you. When I started tearing up, my middle little guy said that he knows that “that handsome Ronan” is in a good place, but that he’s also everywhere around us. I was shocked at the words that spilled out of my 5-year old’s mouth, and I got goose bumps. I think children have a special gift – I won’t go into it, but I feel that that children are so innocent and have a special intuition. He often asks me if we can go to the computer and look at the pictures of Ro. Just know that we love your family and think about you so often.

  5. I smiled when the rain came yesterday, I knew exactly why it started. So glad your day was better. Sending much love to you and your family.

  6. Yesterday was beautiful, the clouds, rain, I thought of Ronan, too :). Glad your day was better. Praying for you so much! Sorry for your pain 😦 It’s so unfair. Wishing you all the best! xoxo God bless…

  7. oh and yum, choco covered bacon!! wow! hope you were able to keep that down! 🙂 love and hugs…

  8. Thinking of you all….I am so glad it rained for you, I believe that was Ro all the way!

  9. Maya,

    I found your blog and had to start at the beginning. I read every single entry you wrote and although there was an ache in my heart I know it doesn’t compare to what is in yours. I’m 19 and currently going to college to be a pediatric nurse. I’ve always had a desire to help children but this story gives me all the more reason. It isn’t a desire anymore as it is something I have to do. I have to not only be there for the children and their families in the hospital but also do whatever is necessary to keep them out of there. Let’s find a cure to this awful disease! I will continue to study and work hard for little Ro.

    One last thing that I wanted to share was the lyrics to a song I heard. I was at a concert last night and burst into tears when these words were sung for all the babies and families affected.

    I’m down on my knees again tonight
    I’m hoping this prayer will turn out right
    See there is a boy that needs Your help
    I’ve done all that I can do myself
    His mother is tired
    I’m sure You can understand
    Each night as he sleeps
    She goes in to hold his hand
    And she tries not to cry
    As the tears fill her eyes

    Can You hear me?
    Am I getting through tonight?
    Can You see him?
    Can You make him feel all right?
    If You can hear me
    Let me take his place somehow
    See, he’s not just anyone
    He’s my son


  10. You are truly amazing. My heart aches for you and your loss. I am truly sorry. You are an amazing woman. Your son is smiling upon you

  11. I see the purple light orb in the pic. He is with you. He is always with you. Never doubt that. I also have a feeling in a few months he will give you a precious gift that will let you know he never left. One day when you read back over this blog you will even see that he even shared bits and pieces of what your future would hold. Ronan and all his beauty was a gift to this disease Maya. His perfect eyes and nose and chin, his perfect skin and hair. All of that and his sassy spunky mama has captured the WORLDS attention. I believe your love story will become a book, a movie and I believe it is going to change the entire unknown face of this nasty kid killer called cancer. Ronan put a face on it Maya. I believe you 2 have been together many lifetimes. I believe without a doubt he is your soul mate. I also believe that his purpose and your purpose for this life was to change the world and save these dying children. I can’t fathom the pain. I can’t imagine it for a second. I know without a doubt I could not handle it like you have, with courage and grace and strength. You have made the world his stage Maya. Keep allowing him to shake his little butt on it! You make that possible through the fight! Through the awareness! Through everything you do that puts his face on this. Concentrate on the days that you pour your heart into the fight and the projects and the planning, I bet those days are the days you can feel him right there guiding you the most. That was his purpose, his life lesson, his plan that the 2 of you chose for this life Maya. I know that your life lessons are much more painful as their is no pain medication to numb your ache and yours will last the rest of your life but it will be worth it in the next. Wishing you love and peace and comfort.

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