Has these in! Stop by, FB, or call her. She’ll ship for FREE!

Click on her FB page and you can order them that way……https://www.facebook.com/katie.garage   Be sure to *LIKE* her page as well.

Email her….katie@garageboutique.com

Call her store….. 480.556.6900

Or stop on by….. 7144 E. Stetson Drive, Scottsdale, AZ


9 responses to “Katie@Garage……”

  1. I called and ordered 1 naughty version. 1 nice, and a Maya’s Mafia. Super easy. Katie @ Garage is wonderful. Cannot wait! F you cancer!

  2. Put my check in the mail today! I have been
    wanting these, but live in Nebraska. Don’t know Katie, but she is AWESOME!

  3. OMG amazing!!! How good will that look next to my naughty bracelet!!! I cant wait to get paid so I can order!!!! wOOO

  4. I called to order mine today…2 naughty and 2 nice to be on their way to PA. Katie was so wonderful!!

  5. Fucking A!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!

  6. I cannot wait to order some! Thank you Katie for making this possible for us out of towners who love Ronan!

  7. I finally have my Rockstar bracelet! Thanks so much! Wearing it with pride! My little girls too. I will always pray for peace.

  8. Got my naughty bracelets today, ordering some more from the garage! Everyone who has children should be wearing these! Of course I gave my daughter a naughty one and she highlighted the F U CANCER with BLACK PEN… she said it didn’t show up enough!!! LOL
    YES she is BRILLIANT!

  9. I want to order some bracelets. please email me how to do this. sarahzamora1005@gmail.com thankyou

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