It sure is, Ro.

7 responses to “It sure is, Ro.”

  1. Your son died less than two months ago and someone is emailing you and telling you to stop writing or talking about him?! Wow. I’m sorry that you even have to deal with people like that. I can say that I am a mom of two kids and one on the way and I read your blog everyday. It helps me to be a better mom and helps me to realize that things can change in an instant so I need to cherish this time with my little ones (even when they are driving me crazy.) We continue to pray for you every night before bed and my son’s new favorite song is Big Jet Plane which he asks to listen to all the time. Thank you for writing, for sharing, for touching and changing our lives.

  2. Listen to “Run” by Snow Patrol.

  3. It sure is!

  4. I can not believe anyone could ever say that to you? Who are these people? I can’t imagine anyone I’ve ever known to say such hateful, cruel things to you. Don’t listen to a word they say! You have made me truly treasure every moment that I share with my three children and I have to say my 15 month old son reminds me so much of Ronan. They have such similar facial features and I’ve caught myself calling my son Ronan a couple of times. :0 My son, Raiden, has a twin sister and an older 27 month old sister and even though sometimes I am overwhelmed with three kids in diapers I have learned from you that EVERY moment, the good and not so good is a gift and the thought of something ever happening to them scares the crap out of me. I can not even IMAGINE the reality of what you are going through. You keep doing exactly what you are doing, Ronan is very very special and he has touched my life in the best way possible. I think of him often and he has touched my heart, both of you have. Much love to you and your family.

  5. Whoever said that obviously has issues.. If they don’t agree with your need and desires then they shouldn’t f-in go to your blog and read it.

  6. Just let it out, Maya. We all know it’s fucked up.

  7. Well, the person who wrote that email is wrong, very wrong….Looks like over 1.2 million people disagree with her too! As many of us have said before, we don’t always comment because the words just don’t come. Sometimes they aren’t even necessary…just know that you are being prayed for and there are are lots of us who don’t even know you that hurt with you and truly care. I for one, have never been so impacted by someone I don’t know as I have you…I think of you everytime I see a little boy, everytime I look at one of my grandsons, and even when I was at Seaside, OR last week I thought of you surfing in the ocean. And every time I think of you Maya, I pray for you. Sometimes I just pray that you will be given the strength you need to get through one more day.
    I also, am more aware of the need to help find a cure for the horrid C word and you are right, it is the most offensive word of any!
    Yes, it would be easier in some ways, to just forget, to stop reading your blogs and feeling your pain, because it makes me feel really sad, but I will keep reading as long as you keep writing because I feel like it’s almost as important to you to know that others are “listening” to you as it is that you have a place to write out your true feelings without holding back.

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