Drink up baby doll. I love you.


3 responses to “Drink up baby doll. I love you.”

  1. Linda O'Connell Avatar
    Linda O’Connell

    Maya – read a book this weekend and can’t stop thinking about you! I absolutely believe your Rockstar is in a wonderful, beautiful place with not a worry or concern anywhere. The book, Heaven is for Real (by Todd Burpo) is the story of a 4 yr olds experience in Heaven. You may not be ready to read it at this point, but when you’re ready, I think it might help you to feel that Ronan is in place so wonderful we can’t fathom it here on earth! I check your blog first thing every morning to see how you’re doing. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers here in Tennessee. Stay strong and do what’s best for you and your family!!!!

  2. Maya

    No real good place to post this, so forgive how out of context this is. The NASCAR driver, Jimmie Johnson, has a charity “Helmet of Hope” that donates money to nominated group and then puts logos from the organization on his helmet during a big race in September every year. If we can organize your followers to nominate the Ronan Thompson Foundation we could start to drive up awareness. Here are the full and bit.ly links to the main site (it does require full registration from every nominee, unfortunately) http://www.jimmiejohnsonfoundation.org/Events/Helmet-of-Hope.aspx and http://bit.ly/HelmetOfHope

    And, here are the full and bit.ly links to nominate The Ronan Thompson Foundation http://www.jimmiejohnsonfoundation.org/Helmet-of-Hope-Fan-Submission.aspx and http://bit.ly/NominateRonan


  3. Praying for you today Maya! Hope you’re having a good day! God bless!

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