7 thoughts on “Because Ro, it will never be the end

  1. sara

    Oh my…I cried throughout this whole song. I’ve never heard it before today, but I think it was written for you. I cannot even imagine losing any of my kids and like I’ve told you before, my eyes are so opened to cherish every moment with my family. Once again I am moved by you and Ronan.

    I live in San diego and was just at North Park yesterday…I told my husband if ever ran into you guys….I will probably just start crying. But I will have to give you a huge hug.

    I love the poem that was sent to you….and what you wrote to Woody. Thank you for sharing…you have inspired me so much.


  2. Jen S

    OMG just like Sara said… it was like this song was absolutely written for you… I have no words… All my love and many hugs, Jen

  3. gina dondero-haynie

    what an awesome song!! i picture you running and listening to “this is not the end” very powerful words and i know the fire burning inside you will someday come true. you are strong and i love it!!!!!!!

  4. Catherine

    How fitting, a perfect song for your perfect little baby. Wishing you lots more strength and hoping the pain starts to ease one day soon. xxx

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