7 thoughts on “Because Ro, it will never be the end”

  1. Oh my…I cried throughout this whole song. I’ve never heard it before today, but I think it was written for you. I cannot even imagine losing any of my kids and like I’ve told you before, my eyes are so opened to cherish every moment with my family. Once again I am moved by you and Ronan.

    I live in San diego and was just at North Park yesterday…I told my husband if ever ran into you guys….I will probably just start crying. But I will have to give you a huge hug.

    I love the poem that was sent to you….and what you wrote to Woody. Thank you for sharing…you have inspired me so much.


  2. OMG just like Sara said… it was like this song was absolutely written for you… I have no words… All my love and many hugs, Jen

  3. what an awesome song!! i picture you running and listening to “this is not the end” very powerful words and i know the fire burning inside you will someday come true. you are strong and i love it!!!!!!!

  4. How fitting, a perfect song for your perfect little baby. Wishing you lots more strength and hoping the pain starts to ease one day soon. xxx

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