To Ronan from Quinn

Quinn wanted to write to you tonight. I gave him my computer. This is what he wrote.



Dear Ronan,

I hate cancer. I am sad that it took you away. I miss you at the beach. I wish you would come back. You are my best friend. Tomorrow is our birthday. I wish you could be here with us. I love you.

Quinn Woodrow Thompson

25 responses to “To Ronan from Quinn”

  1. Wish I lived close by to give all of you hugs.

  2. Happy Birthday Quinn & Liam!!! You both are such wonderful big brothers! Enjoy your birthday next to your mama, dad and family! Enjoy the sun and the beach! Have fun! XO

  3. Bless your heart Quinn.I am so sorry your brother had to leave the earthly body that held his spirit.But his body was not what made him who he was. It was his Spirit and his Spirit will never die. He has not left you. He will never leave you. He is waiting for you and he is happy to watch you grow up and he wants to see what you will be. I am sad for you that your brother will not be where you can see him tomorrow for your birthday. I also lost my brother. He was 13 months older than I and we were almost like twins. He died 30 years ago, and I still miss him and think of him, but I also know that he sees me and is with me. I talk to him some time and other times I know I do not have to speak. he knows what is in my mind and in my heart. Sometimes Iaugh and tell him I know he left his body, so I would grow older than he would. He would forever be young and I would grow old.

    Your brother loves you so much and he will be with you tomorrow. laughing and maybe he will blow out some of your candles or stick his finger in the icing on your cake……………My brother would have done that. He was always into mischief and had that twinkle in his eye. He wrote one time, “The Harder I try to Gooder be, The worser I am. ” :))

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday dear Quinny, happy birthday to you. and many many many more~~~~~~~

    My grand daughter, Barrett Elizabeth’s birthday is also tomorrow. She will be 2.

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that you are happy and feel loved.

  4. Sweet Quinn and Liam,

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and I hope you can keep in mind that Ronan will be right next to you the whole day and for the rest of your lives. Your Mommy is a very inspirational lady who loves you with all her heart and I know that I speak for a lot of people, that your family is spectacular and even though we have not been able to meet, know that there are so many that love and support your family! Enjoy the beach and eachother!

  5. His few words are the most powerful words I have read to date. A child speaking to a child. Such innocence lost on both ends. I’m so angry and sad! Happy birthday quinn all the way from florida!

  6. Starlene DeBord Avatar
    Starlene DeBord


    Happy Birthday to you and Liam! I am sooooo sooooo sorry Ronan will not be with you in the physical sense! But if you look and listen really hard he is all around you! I hope the 2 of you have the best day ever! Happy Birthday again! Sending HUGS!!

    Starlene DeBord

  7. He is a beautiful writer just like his mommy! Happy Birthday boys. May Ronan be with you and fill your hearts with love on your special day.

  8. Dear Sweet Quinn,
    Truly enjoy this special day when you turn eight along with your brother Liam. What a truly special bond you three brothers have always had…take those memories and alway treasure them. Know that your littlest brother is always with you, he lives in your beautiful heart. Believe me he is smiling a treasuring your special day. Have extra fun today.

  9. Thanks Quinn!! for sharing your thoughts. I know tomorrow will be fill of mixed feelings..happy, sad and joyful that it is your birthday. Make it a really fun day because that is what your little brother would want. Make it fun for him. Make the best wish ever before you blow your your 8-candles. I send best wishes all day long for you 🙂

  10. Rita Dickinson Avatar
    Rita Dickinson

    Dear Quinn,
    I am sad that you lost your best friend and little brother.
    I hope you have a happy birthday. I know you miss Ronan.
    He knew how much you loved him.

  11. Quinn,
    First of all I wanted to tell you that I think that you are the most amazing big brother that Ronan could ever ask for. You seem to be so caring and kind and I can tell that he loves you so very much. You made his days so bright. Keep smiling and remember that when times are tough you can look to Ronan for support and courage. He will always be there for you. Happy Birthday Kiddo!
    Brandie from Denver, Colorado

  12. hearbreaking…

  13. Quinn u are an awesome big brother! Its very clear from pictures and vidoes what great care u took of your baby brother and how much he looked up to u. I hope you and Liam have a super fun birthday. I wish so bad Ronan could be there physically to celebrate with u but im sure his little spirit is there with a great big smile on his face. Hope your enjoying your summer and the beach. Make sure to give your mama lots of hugs and kisses!

  14. and Liam are such amazing and strong young men. Thank you for letting all of us read what you wrote to Ronan. That was very brave of you, and I’m sure Ronan is very proud of you right now. I am sure with all of my heart that Ronan is all around you today on your special day. Happy Birthday to you both.


  15. heartbreaking is right! so sad, no words…

  16. Quite possibly one of the most beautiful and amazing letters ever. Happy birthday Thompson twins! You are Rockstars.

  17. Quinn and Liam… Happy 8th Birthday! I hope that you find many joys in your special day. God Bless.

  18. Michelle Bunger Avatar
    Michelle Bunger

    What an absolutely beautiful photo!!!! The love and bond that you have shared with Ronan is undeniable and will last forever. Brotherly love is endless!!!! Warm wishes to you and to Liam for a very special doubt filled with incredible love and bountiful blessings from your friends and family. Goodnight!

  19. Happy, Happy Birthday Quinn and Liam!!! May it be filled with love, tons of cake, sandy beaches and hugs and kisses! I can’t imagine how hard it will be without your brother there!! It is sooo unfair!!! Remember to look around..I bet your baby brother will leave you a sign that he is watching. Maybe just a small one..but you will know he is there! Its obvious he loved you tons!! And from the pictures your mom shares with us, boy..aren’t you 2 the BEST big brothers ever!!!
    Give mom and dad huge hugs today!! And have an awesome bday!
    Love all the way from Texas!

  20. Maya…your writing is so powerful…I could not imagine feeling any greater pain than what I feel when you talk about Sweet Ro. Several times a day…I put myself in your shoes. My son is 2, his name is Aiden…How could I ever go even a single second thinking that he is gone? I have tried it before, it stops me in my tracks. I was telling my mom about Ronan, and your writing and how sometimes through your words, when I am reading late at night, I imagine that Aiden is no longer sleeping peacefully in his room. My Mom always asks me “How could you ever bring yourself to go into that mindset, voluntarily?” But I HAVE to…for Ronan, for Aiden. I appreciate and LOVE him “to the moon and back.” I tell him that all the time now…because of you! BECAUSE OF YOU I have chosen not to live a life of “blissful ignorance” but one of “passionate knowledge”. Knowledge that everyday with my sweet boy is a blessing, the knowledge that anything could happen at ANY time. I have told Ro’s story to so many, given so many your blog information. Some of these people have a lesson to learn in life, many of them do…you are showing people a BETTER WAY Maya! And in my opinion the ONLY way. I sneak my little man into my bed every night…I wonder how long he will let me get away with this. I don’t sleep as well anymore because he tosses and turns like its nobody’s business, keeping me awake…but I don’t care, I love his snuggles. I know you are a girl who loves fashion so you will appreciate this. The other night Aiden and I snuggled on the couch for 45 minutes watching Toy Story 3, after about 3/4 of the way through the movie, he promptly got up, walked over to the dining room table, snatched my JIMMY CHOO shades off the table and snapped them in TWO!!! I was stunned…to say the least. But not one TINY BIT mad. You see, my son is not a snuggler, and the fact that he let me cuddle him for 45 minutes was a world record, he paid for breaking those spendy shades before he even did it…Amazing! Simply Amazing. I simply looked at him and said “oooh KKK, its bed time.” and off he pounced to his room, knowing mommy was serious.

    So what I wanted to say when starting this comment is that an adult has articulation, detail and explanation behind many of their feelings. You are exceptional at this Maya, I think you should be an author, write books. But with children, their pain is so simple, so straight, so to the point, the capability of lying has yet to develop. Quinn’s post….ripped my heart out. There was nothing fancy about it, it was so pure, so innocent. I think that even after all you have been through, ALL 3 of your boys still have their innocence. None of them have done anything wrong, Ronan has his spirit body now, but he is still and always will be innocent.

    Quinn…you are an outstanding brother, to both Liam and Ronan. I can tell from your Mom’s writing that you have a sense of maturity and knowledge that many children do not have at your age. Ronan is still with you, he follows you around. All those things you see that remind you of Ronan! That IS Ronan, putting those things in your path to let you know he is still there.

    Your family will change the WORLD, you are beautiful, amazing and strong.

    Love, prayers and wishes for a beautiful tomorrow! I know Ronan will be with you every step of the way.

  21. Happy, happy birthday Quinn & Liam. I’m sendings lots of love & good wishes your way.

  22. Quinn,

    I wish I had a brother like you. ❤

  23. Feliz Cumpleaños Quinn and Liam!!! 🙂

  24. This broke my heart. I think of your whole family and pray for you every night.

  25. I honestly think this is one of the saddest post I have read thus far!

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