My Ronan song for the night

5 responses to “My Ronan song for the night”

  1. Wow… Amazing how perfect this song is to be between the two of you. I have completely broke down hearing it, it just speaks volumes.

  2. perfect song! love her! so sorry Maya for your heartache. Ronan is with you always in your heart, soul and mind. forever!

  3. I have this song, recorded by Sarah Brightman, on my iPod. I heard it the other day and thought of sending it to you. It’s a beautiful song. Take a listen to Sarah’s version and see what you think. I like it even better than Dido’s.

    1. I have that version too and I love it.

  4. What a beautiful song that speaks of so many feelings you are having now. Very touching. Have you heard the song by Train called When I Look To The Sky? It helps me with my loss. I hear it all the time on my Pandora and eerie enough I feel like it’s my sister saying she is still with me. I also hear Calling On Angels a lot too and that is also a Train song. Touches my heart because I seem to hear it when I need it most.
    I had a similar experience with a butterfly as you did with a hummingbird after my loss of my beautiful sister. It was remarkable and the most peaceful feeling I have had since she has been gone. It was almost like she was saying don’t worry I am alright and at peace. I do really care about you Maya even though I don’t know you. I really feel like I do.
    I had a hard time with the afterlife questions when Shannon died. I hated not knowing where she was. I have had so many experiences that I truly believe she is still with me. She wore a specific perfume and I walked right into the smell out of nowhere. I don’t even have the perfume she used to wear. The hints are so little sometimes they can be missed. They can come in a song or even a feeling you get. I have no doubt that Ronan is right next to you all the time. Even when you don’t feel him next to you he may be next to the twins or maybe daddy needed him that day. I know this isn’t comforting because you want him in your arms. I am a mother of two, a boy almost 5 and a daughter 2 1/2. I totally understand that. So I agree with (the stranger) and that email was amazing by the way. Worded so beautifully.
    I also had the guilty feelings like I didn’t do enough for my sister or I did something wrong, or if I smiled that day or laughed I felt like I shouldn’t be doing that. It’s almost like I gave myself a sentence of not being allowed to have any peace or fun because my sister couldn’t. I didn’t want to be happy without her, and I wanted her with me so bad.
    Sorry for the babbling. I didn’t intend on writing so much. I just wanted to ask if you have heard those songs. You may hate them and that’s ok. Just wanted to pass it on. I hope you have a better day today Maya and have more visits from Ronan. I thank you and look forward to your blogs. They are truly moving.

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