2 thoughts on “This is dedicated to all the strangers staring on the streets. If you’re going to stare, at least smile while doing it.”

  1. Yep, people gawking will never stop. I get it all the time for being a young guy in a handicap parking spot. Sometimes people actually wait for me to get out of the car so they cam verify im disabled. Problem is, im missing half my foot due to a machinery accident but thats covered up by my shoe. Sometimes I feel like I need to limp more. just rude people out there. Hopefully 2 years from now Ronan will look like he always looked and it will all be old news!

  2. I am STILL following your blog and I hope you continue to hear and feel my prayers for your precious little boy. You are an amazing mother and some day I hope to meet you and your little Rockstar as I would love to put my arms around both of you and tell you…..YOU ARE the ROCKSTAR team…..he is going to beat this!!!! Julie Glenn

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