One foot in front of the other

Another day done. Ronan slept in for NYC time… 10:00 a.m. which was nice as we were all tired. He woke up a little grumpy, still complaining of pain. I tried my best to entertain him while Woody got some work done around here and he soon left to go back to RMH to get some quiet work done. For being stuck in a hospital, the days sure do fly by and I can’t even keep track of what we have done. We don’t really watch movies or T.V… I’m not sure where the time goes. We listen to music a lot and do a lot of playing. I do my best to make sure Ronan is as happy as can be; even though he asks for Liam and Quinn a dozen times a day. We did Ronan’s 4th day of chemo, and 5th day of radiation. So far, he’s done really well with the chemo. No more vomiting. We went down to RT (Radiation) tonight around our usual time, 5:00. I had Ronan waiting in his little wheelchair when one of the RT guys walked by and did a double take of Ronan. He came over and went on and on about how he is the most beautiful boy he has ever seen, how he has movie star looks and the most unbelievable eyes. I just nodded my head and told him I knew. He asked what Ronan’s name was and introduced himself as Kerry. He was really sweet and wouldn’t stop talking about Ronan’s piercing “Husky dog eyes”. It was very cute… you don’t usually hear a twenty something guy go on and on about how beautiful a boy is. Ronan can melt anyone’s heart and it was blatantly obvious from today.

Ronan knows the drill now. He knows he is to be perfectly still as he down still as gets his radiation. Our friends down in radiation had “The Killers,” playing on the stereo system for Ronan as they know he loves that band. I covered him up with GiGi,(his blanket) and he clutched his pistol gun in the other hand and I left the room. It only took a few minutes again and I watched my brave boy from the screen and talked to him over the speaker system. We were soon done and Ronan was very tired. He sat in my lap and our escort wheeled us back up to our room. I somehow talked him into a sponge bath, but only if I would put his Star Wars guys in the water too. He stood up and I got a tub, filled it with warm water and bathed him and brushed his teeth. I also scrubbed his Star Wars guys for him to make him happy. He is sleeping now and I am waiting for Woody to return so I can go on my run. It’s going to be a dark one tonight…. sorry Little M. I’ve got to go run tonight… my mind needs it.

Woody returned to Sloan around 8:00 NYC time. Ronan was asleep so I quickly snuck out. I went to the RMH, changed my clothes, and headed out. I was on the phone with my sweet Niki right before I was getting ready for my run. I got the usual, ” You be careful… I won’t even run in Central Park at night.” I gave her my nobody is going to mess with me answer and she laughed and said she it would probably actually be really good for me to fight off someone, so I could blow off some steam. I told her would just pretend like my slayers (as Marisa likes to call them) were cancer, and kick their asses. We had a good laugh about that one together. My new loop from the RMH and back ended up begin almost 9 miles. Perfection. The perfect run, perfect mileage, perfect night with no Slayers in sight, Marisa. It was refreshing, grueling, and just what I needed. I love running in this city and I love that I now have a set path and I know the distance. Gotta love GPS on the iPhone. I ran a fast 8 and a half-minute mile…. got back to the RMH, showered, packed a bag and grabbed some soup at Delizia’s, my one meal of the day. I have decided that I can seriously live off of my coconut water, coffee, Delizia’s minestrone soup, coke and chocolate. So ridiculous but whatever….. it works for me and I can actually keep that down without throwing up…. knock on wood.

I almost made it through the day without crying. Almost. I was sitting on the ground, rubbing Ronan who is now complaining of his legs hurting…. so I sit and massage him most of the day. Our senior in high school roommate started vomiting and we could of course hear her; which is awful. That threw me over the edge and I started bawling. Ronan watched me and asked why I was sad. I told him because the girl next door was sick to her stomach and it makes me sad. I quickly pulled it together and helped get new linens for her. Stupid cancer.

O.k. my dears… it is 12:30 at night here. My body is aching and my mind is officially done for the day. Sweetest dreams to you all.

6 thoughts on “One foot in front of the other”

  1. Praying for Ronan’s pain to ease and healing powers.

    You are amazing. 9 miles wow! Stay strong!

    I’ve got to agree, Ronan has beautiful eyes!

    Fight on!

  2. Lord give us the strenght to get through our challenges, leave us your peace. In Jesus name amen.

  3. This will be my first time commenting. I read your blog just about everyday to see how Ronan is doing. I just want to say that I admire both of your strengths. And like you say this is just a mere bump in the long life that Ronan is meant to lead. I know dealing with this can’t be easy, but there are a lot of people rooting for Ronan’s health. I will continue to keep your family in my prayers.

    P.S. Ronan just scored even more cool points in my book because I as well love the Killers!

  4. hi Thompson family!! My heart and thoughts are with you every day. I look forward to reading your updates just before bed.

    Take care and kick some effin cancer booty!!
    May the force be with all of you.

    Love from TX

  5. Prayers flowing for all of you! Heal Ronan. His arm and make his legs feel better! Please God! For this I pray.

  6. I believe there is an “Open Heaven” during Jewish holidays. I petition the Lord to use this for Ronan and hear our prayer..I know the holiday is over but only God can change time to His benefit, for little Ronan. I know some of the reading for that holiday is in Exodus 17:15 “ADONAI NISSI [Adonai is my banner/miracle]…in verse :12 “Mose’s hand grew heavy: so they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it…” as long as Moses held up the staff Israelites were winning the battle…
    There are many around Ronan who are iterceeding for Ronan and that is a gift from God…I believe God will bring your battle to a victory through prayer. With the faith of Jesus I believe this. Jesus prayed in the garden to His Father and there was victory in the results. He won with that faith. Bring another victory Lord, in Jesus name. Your Word is power Lord and it will win the very final victory so I use Your Word for Ronan to win this battle Lord, in Jesus name.

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