Because sometimes I don’t have words…..


What really matters in life?? Do you know how lucky you are??


8 responses to “Because sometimes I don’t have words…..”

  1. Please stay strong and positive my dear friend. We are all praying. You are the pillar of strength. We love you all. I wish I could pop over and give you all a hug. I am sending one through the computer. xoxo

  2. Thanks for sharing! yes I do indeed know how blessed I am! healthy children is what I have prayed for and pray for healing in Ronan as well.

  3. The Robbins Family Avatar
    The Robbins Family

    i know that feeling and we are praying each day for your family and ronan as you take this unplanned journey. when you think you have no strength left, know that there are so many people enveloping your family in love and holding you up.

  4. You two are always in my thoughts and prayers….you two are fighters! I love that about you. Blessed be the little children….hugs to all of you.

  5. Michelle Jefferson Avatar
    Michelle Jefferson

    Wow. Thanks for sharing this video. Tears flowed. Failure in finding a cure for childhood cancer is not an option. Ronan and your family continue to be in my prayers. Keep the faith, even while your walking through the fire!

  6. I hope that some day many of these parents and children will be hearing the words
    “Your Child is cancer free” and I hope even more than that, that we will all continue to raise awareness and fight to find a cure to stop this evil disease from attacking innocent,beautiful children who should NEVER have 2 suffer a moment in their young lives much less battle something as evil as cancer. Thank You for sharing the Video as I watched the tears flowed and I knew in that moment that I’ll NEVER take one moment of their life for granted again and I think us with healthy children do at times just because we cannot imagine the unthinkable happening, I thank you for reminding me that it does happen and that we all need to take advantage of every day and to take nothing for granted.

  7. This video really moved me. I’m not a parent, but my aunt went through brain cancer last year and I can totally relate. I can’t even imagine how it must feel though to watch your child go through all of this. I hope this video makes people realize how lucky they are. So many people don’t appreciate their own health (and their family’s health) until they don’t have it anymore. Good luck to you guys!

  8. A very moving clip. Watched this morning and thought about it and you all.. All day. I know we cannot understand, but our hearts are filled with hope for Ronan. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas week and get some good runs in.

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