Happy Halloween!

Hope you all had a great Halloween! We had a wonderful one… Ro was able to trick or treat and everything! We started off at our friends, The Tarbell’s house for some great company and delicious homemade pizzas by Mark himself. After that, we went over to our friends, The Willits for some trick-or-treating. Gay drove about 12 of us around in a golf cart for a good couple of hours. Wheehew!! It was a golf cart full of all boys! Such fun!! Ronan kept right up and was running all around until left there around 9:30. It was late for a school night, but everyone was having such a good time that it was hard to wrap it up. Thank you to our wonderful friends tonight for celebrating with us. It was very special to us to have Ronan out and about. Tomorrow, we start Round 4 of his magic medicine. We will be in the hospital until Thursday or Friday…. assuming all goes well. Please keep our little guy in your thoughts and prayers… hoping he will get through this round as easily as all of the others.

We’ve had a great break from the hospital but it’s time to knock this round 4 out. One more check mark off our little guy’s list. He is not psyched about having to go to the hospital tomorrow, but hoping he will not put up too much of a fight. I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and enjoyed your kiddos to death. Goodnight to our army of angels out there.


8 responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Too Cute! xo

  2. You all look Awesome! Im so glad you all had a wonderful Holloween! Good luck Ronan on round 4!!! We will be praying!!!!

  3. Great family costumes! So happy that you had such fun before facing round 4. As always, your whole family is in our thoughts & prayers, Sue

  4. Jamaica Hadaller Avatar
    Jamaica Hadaller

    Great costumes and wonderful looking family!! It brings joy to see you guys happy!

  5. Todd and Kara Schierscher Avatar
    Todd and Kara Schierscher

    Love it! Thoughts and prayers are with you as you start Round 4 today.
    Todd, Kara, Addie and Sadie

  6. Such an awesome picture! I’m so glad your little Ro got to enjoy Halloween. Good luck with round 4 today. I just know he’s going to kick ass right thru this one too!


  7. great costumes! i love how your whole family gets into it.

    i had asked before the name of your therapist…i seemed to have misplaced that information. would you mind telling me one more time please 🙂

    thank you and hope you have an uneventful night.

  8. You guys look awesome in your costumes! So glad Ronan got to trick or treat. My prayers are with you as you start Round 4.

    Michiko Lindsey
    Mom to Kimiko, age 4, dx 9/21/10, Stage 4

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