This is the number of Rockstar Ronan blog views…. WordPress keeps track. I know I am only one person, but I am one person who is going to make a difference in Pediatric Cancer. If Oprah won’t listen, someone will. My dear sweet Charisma Carpenter, who is technically challenged (she admits this) has started up a Twitter account. She has been tweeting away and already has almost 15,000 followers. She has been tweeting non-stop about Ronan and his story, sending traffic our way. Thank you, CC. I thank the stars above everyday that fate brought us together that one summer day and our friendship bloomed and stayed strong. So cheesy, I know but it’s true. You have such a powerful voice and if anyone can get his story heard, it’s you. I love you so much.

His little voice deserves to be heard,  as well as all of the other babies/kids who are voiceless out there. I am amazed and truly inspired by all of the people out there…. long lost friends, friends of friends, family, even strangers from France to Australia who are passing around Ro’s story. He will be heard and his story will be shared. Thank you EVERYONE. It is because of all of you helping me fight for him, that I promise you more awareness will come of his disease and other kinds of Pediatric Cancer. Keep spreading, sharing, and loving his story. He is worth it, he deserves it, and he will win this fight. I love you all!!!!

5 thoughts on “78,456”

  1. As a fellow mom, I admire you so much. Your words are inspiring and I love how you don’t sugar coat anything. Sounds like your little guy will kick this cancer right in the ass. Best wishes!

  2. Maya, this is a little “it takes a village” story I thought you might enjoy. My ex-daugter-in-law, her live-in, Miguel, & their daughter have next to no $$$, but Miguel has a huge heart. On Sunday, I gave him some leftover Rockstar Ronan buttons, leftovers from the Classic Car Show. Jim had told me that I could literally give them away to spread the word, but that’s not what Miguel did. His whole family & coworkers are also financially poor. But in a very short amount of time yesterday, he earned $45.00 for Ronan’s Foundation, only asking to give buttons to 5 people. He’s feeling very high over this! One thing, though, Maya, is that he thinks he could be even more helpful if he had some kind of printed handouts to tell Ronan’s story. Is there such a thing you could send me to print for him? Computers are not an option financially in his family. Love, Sue (Ronan’s Grandma’s friend)

  3. That is truly amazing Maya. I’m trying my hardest to spread the word about Ronan and your amazing mission to change the world in between studying for mid-term exams.

    I can’t contribute $$$, but I can share your story so Ronan’s voice will be heard

  4. People care and love you guys and you will make a difference mama. That’s an amazing stat! You should share that with Woody. XOXO DD

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