Magic Medicine… Day 2, Round 3

What a day. With little sleep last night, I am feeling very tired tonight. Hoping a few hours of sleep will come my way soon. Right now, there are too many lights, nurses, noisy roommates to sleep. They are pre-hydrating Ro before they start his chemo in a few hours. He just now fell asleep. I was hoping he would have an early night since he didn’t nap today but no such luck. That kid has more energy than the Energizer Bunny himself. It was go, go, go, all day long. We spent the morning and afternoon playing in the playroom. I remember when we first came to this hospital how long it took us into talking Ronan to even step foot in there. You’ve come a long way baby. He loves the playroom and that’s all he wants to do. Auntie Karen came to relieve me around noon and I snuck home for a quick nap/shower/laundry pow wow. It was a nice few hours to myself. I went off to see my therapist after that for an hour. It was a good session, but after I left there I was pretty upset. My friend Janet had called earlier so I returned her phone call and she let me vent/cry. Plus, she always give me good advice and encouraging words so that helped calm me down. I also talked to Liam and Quinn and that made me feel pretty good too. I know this is just a short period of time in our lives and that we just have to get through this.. but it doesn’t make it any easier. I still feel like I’m trapped in a nightmare and can’t wake up. The days/weeks/months seem like they are never going to end.

Tricia came to stay with Ronan  so Auntie Karen could leave. She said they had a blast together and my friend, Gay and her little boy, Cal, came to visit too. Trish said Ronan was in heaven with Cal here. They played for a good hour. I knew Ronan would love that since he is missing his brothers so much. He is in great spirits though and had a very good day. I cannot wait for Friday to get here so we can go home and be reunited with Liam and Quinny.

Woody came by tonight too. Ronan loves having him here and has become so much more attached to Woody than he used to be. He has been getting very upset at night when Wood leaves to go home. We spent the night walking the hallways and Ronan got to see a few of his favorite nurses, one in particular, Katie whom he loves. He was shy but sweet with her. He is so good now about letting the nurses listen to his tummy, check his blood pressure, and anything else they want to do. He like to push around his little cart with all of his medicine on it like a big boy. Makes me very proud to be his mama. He is such a sweet and special little boy.

Alright, I’m officially beat. Going to try my best to get some rest in this place. Sweet dreams.

One thought on “Magic Medicine… Day 2, Round 3

  1. Cindy

    “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'” Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

    I came across this verse this morning and instantly thought of you and Ronan. Hang in there this week.

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