P.F. Changs Marathon: AZ- January 16, 2011

Starting up a team in AZ. Please let me know if you would like to run the half or full marathon for Team Rockstar Ronan!!

I’ve created a team for 2011 P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona called Rockstar Ronan, and it’s now open for registration. You can join the team here: 

https://cui2.active.com/event-reg/select-race?e=4def3066-7725-4562-6921-8f5135121135&pse=19ec5490-684e-4a8e-5e6b-45c30b29b02c&tid=null&tname=Rockstar Ronan
You can also find more information at the event website.http://www.active.com/marathon/phoenix-az/pf-changs-rock-n-roll-arizona-2011-zs406

if you want to register for the Rockstar Ronan team, please select the Get Fit Challenge Half Marathon. Then sign up under Rockstar Ronan!! Let’s pound the pavement for Ro!!



8 thoughts on “P.F. Changs Marathon: AZ- January 16, 2011”

  1. Not living where you are, we’re not familiar with the kind of race this will be. Maybe 10k, half marathon, full marathon, walking, running, triathloning, ironmaning, biking, etc. Admit I didn’t link to the sites, but think maybe it would help if you added the type of race to your blog? Or how people who live far away could help? Just trying to be helpful………..Sue

  2. i already decided i was going to do the pf changs 1/2 marathon as a personal goal of mine…how does it work being on a “team”? is it something different? i didn’t register yet so i can still join ronan’s team but i guess i don’t understand the differece between being on a team and running solo. sorry don’t mean to sound ignorant.

      1. great! i’ll get with my girls that i was planning on running with and see if we can all join team ronan!

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