To all my friends living in Washington

There will be a fundraiser this Saturday from 9-3 on Commerce for Ronan. The New Hope Car Cruise is supporting The Ronan Thompson Foundation this year. My parents will be there and we could use all the support we can get, even if it’s just to give my mom a hug. A huge thanks to everyone who made this possible. Words cannot express how touched I am.

One thought on “To all my friends living in Washington”

  1. Maya,

    I have been reading your blog everyday and it just breaks my heart. Yet your family’s strength and love is such an inspiration. Reading your story is like watching a heartwrenching movie that you know at the end will all come out all right. I am praying for the day your happy ending comes.

    I will be taking my two daughters to the New Hope Car Cruise to support Ronan. I didn’t even know something was going on this Saturday so thank you for the post.

    Hang in there. You are doing an awesome job! Ronan is one lucky boy to have such a loving and supportive family. He WILL beat this!

    Lisa (Lessard) Berg

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