We had a busy day today and I am exhausted. What was supposed to be a quick little visit to the clinic, turned out to be a 4 hour ordeal. We had to wait over at the hospital forever to get Ronan’s EKJ (heart test) and his chest x-ray. This is standard protocol before they do the stem cell harvest. I kept bothering the woman at the desk.. but that only seemed to annoy her and did nothing to speed up the process. For some reason, they didn’t have our appointment in the books. I made the woman listen to the voicemail on my phone to prove to her, we in fact, did have an appointment. It made me nervous waiting in the main waiting room with everybody else so Ronan and I went into another sitting room where nobody else was around. He was a trooper and was so happy to be out of the house. As we were walking to go to the bathroom, I could see a mom and her little boy eyeing us. He was older than Ronan and I could tell he was a cancer patient due to his hair falling out or growing back. She came up to me and patted me on the shoulder and said, “Hang in there. We made it to the other side and so will you.” I had my bravest face on today but I instantly lost it as soon as those words came out of her mouth. I just gave her a weak smile and picked Ronan up and held him for a long time. Soon after that our name was called and we went back for his EKG. He was so nervous even though I kept assuring him that there were no owies today. The test took about 5 minutes and then we went off for the x-ray. He was hesitant to get up on the cold table and to hold still for his x-ray picture. I kept telling him he had to hold still because as much as we love Dr. Maze; we did not want to see him today. I did not want Ronan to have to be sedated for something as simple as an x-ray. The little guy is getting used to all of this and held perfectly still. That is something he would have never done a month ago. I am so proud of him. We then walked over to the clinic and we had his blood checked and Dr. Eshan and Dr. Wood came to visit us. Dr. Wood mainly wanted to check on us and to see how my big boys’ weekend went. He went to Wisconsin for undergrad so he really wanted to talk football talk. I think he was sad that my father in law wasn’t there. They have become pretty good football talking buddies. We got out of the clinic and I could tell Ronan was wiped out. I put him in the car and he soon fell asleep. When we got home, I put him in my bed and went to sleep with him. I was as exhausted as he was for some reason! We took a good nap and woke up to the twins and Woody being home. That was the best thing in the world to wake up to.

I ran to the grocery store to stock up on food for the week. It was nice to do something normal today but I have the hardest time focusing in the store. I get sidetracked and my mind wanders so easily. It’s like some alien has taken over my body because this is not my normal self. I’ll have to come up with an alter ego name, I guess. Beyonce has an alter ego name, Sasha Fierce… I’ll have to think of something better that that. The fact that I even know that useless knowledge scares me a little bit. Tricia would be proud; she loves her Beyonce. O.K… back on track! The rest of the night was spent watching football and playing. I got a quick visit from my friend, Danielle. She brought me her homemade to die for applesauce and a picture she painted for us. I can hardy even talk about it because I’ll start to cry. It was so thoughtful and heartfelt. I’ll post a picture of it on here for you all to see. Ronan is still feeling great and is so happy to have his brothers home. I am hoping and praying that he continues to feel this way through out the week and weekend. No hospital visits, PLEASE!!

4 thoughts on “LOVE”

  1. Now, that is AWESOME! LOVE and FAITH will certainly get you through this my dear! XOXO
    My daughters and I pray everyday for you!

  2. What a beautiful post tonight. Your brave little soldier knows the drill and you guys going to kick cancers butt! No doubt!
    That painting of Danielle’s is absolutely inspiring! A most beautiful and heart felt gift.
    So glad the whole family is home together again xoxo

  3. Love that “Love” painting! I wish I had talent like that – but the next best thing is having friends who have talent like that 😉


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