The little seal wants to play

We had a great Saturday. GREAT. Ronan woke up at 5:30 this morning and was ready to go. We played and let Woody sleep in. We made breakfast, watched cartoons, built Legos… he was full of energy. The only thing he was a little upset about was the fact that Liam and Quinn were not home. He got really mad and insisted they get on a plane right now to come home. I finally got him off of that subject after about 20 minutes. Around 10, Marisa came by to drop off some stuff she had picked up at Costco for me and we met Jocelyn for a pedicure right up the street. It was so nice to see Joss and spend a little time with them. The only way I was allowed to get out of the house today was is if I came back with purple toes, said Master Ronan. So purple toes it is:) I was just happy to escape for an hour. After I came back, Woody left to coach his kids for their basketball game. Liam and Quinn missed it but that’s o.k. They have a good reason:) We watched a bit of the ASU football game and actually saw Liam and Uncle Scottie on T.V. cheering on ASU! We have it recorded so we can’t wait to show the boys’ when they get home Monday afternoon. The night has been spent doing laundry and getting caught up on things around here. We also had to start giving Ronan his shots again. We had about 14 days off and Ronan was not excited about his pokey. I am the one who holds him and Woody is the one who sticks him. It is over fast but still listening to your child scream that it burns and he is scared is not fun. Woody was trying to be tough but I saw the look in his eyes. He felt horrible. After we got that done and over we  spent the rest of the night playing away. He has been laughing and running all around. I don’t have anyone to compare Ronan to, but I have to think he has a better chance of beating this just by the way he is acting. I know the chemo is not going to hit him until later on this week. All of his counts will come crashing down 7-10 days after the chemo which means a week from today. Next weekend will be when he is feeling the effects of the chemo. I am going to pray he gets through it with flying colors. My mom gets here next Sunday… I really hope she doesn’t have to see Ronan sick. I know if she could see the Ronan I see everyday, it would make her feel so much better. So on this Saturday night we don’t have a lot to report… which tends to be a good thing nowadays:) The only thing we have to do next week is go to the clinic on Monday and Thursday to have his blood counts checked. We will be lying low and trying to keep Ronan as healthy as possible. Have a great Saturday night!!

9 thoughts on “The little seal wants to play”

  1. So glad to hear that Ronan is playing and having fun like a three year old should be doing. The more normal the better.
    Wil actually continued tumbling, t ball, summer swim team and preschool all throughout treatment with breaks for surgeries, bone marrow extractions,etc. Until the bone marrow transplant when all good things had to end.
    We think the reason he was one of the lucky few to survive was because we kept him as physically and mentally and socially engaged as possible.
    Continued best wishes.

  2. Thank you Maya for your continued updates…I am glad you had a good day and that Ronan was rambunctious :). Bob ran into Woody’s parents and the boys at the ASU game and was glad to have a moment to chat with them. You are all continually in our prayers…I don’t know if you realize what a blessing your family and your story is so to many. I am always uplifted and prayerful when I receive a new update. Here’s to another good day tomorrow! Sleep well, Michelle

  3. Maya, glad to hear Ronan had a great day and you got some time to take care of yourself; even if you do have purple toes.

    Never question your instincts. Now that my daughter is 17 and we’ve been through lots together, although nothing as tough as what you’re going through, I’ve learned to trust my gut feelings. If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t and I’ve learned not to be embarrassed about it.

    You love your kids; never apologize or feel guilty about your actions. Remember, G-d never gives us more than he knows we can handle.

    In our thoughts, Jacque and Louise

  4. So many things to pray for in one night! I am making a list. Thank you for giving specifics. I completely believe in asking God for Woody to give good shots or that blood counts will be up or that Ronan will be feeling good next weekend when your mom gets there, ect… I am also remembering to pray for your health, strength and peace of mind for this week. God loves you so much! He cares about every little detail in your life from the laundry to the cancer. He tells you this over and over again in His book. It’s a crazy concept. It’s an amazing love.

  5. I am glad he is full of energy and play. After watching him be so sick, it’s nice to see your little boy being just that, a little boy. Kids are so resilient. I am sure when they do his next scans, you and woody will be just as amazed how well his treatments have worked. I think of you everyday.

  6. Yeah for Good Days. Sorry Maya I have been incognito but I have had a stomach flu and have not wanted to get anybody sick. We miss you all. I cannot believe how grown up L & Q look with the cheerleaders. Are we sure the picture was not more for Uncle Scottie, Grandpa and Dad:)) LOL. I cannot wait to see your purple toes. Oh the love. Give big hugs and kisses to all of The Thompsons. XOXO

    Gay and Family

  7. Oh darn, I wanted to see a pic of the purple toes 🙂 I am so so behind on keeping up with this blog, can ya tell? I first learned about Ronan when watching Taylor perform his song on HBO months back. I was hooked! Our family was in the process of moving to another city here in WI. I’m glad to be back to the blog & I keep up with Maya Thompson & her family each Tv program, news special, YouTube video about this fabulous little boy in AZ! I can’t wait to get up to date with the blog–even tho I will be crying before long…again. I never thought about replying, until tonite. I will forever remember Ronan & his family. I’m sure the baby girl is going to look just like him. I just wanted to throw that in there. 🙂

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