Magic Medicine Day one, Round 2

We got to the clinic at 9 a.m. this morning and did a lot of waiting. It was 11:30 before they actually started the chemo. He had to have his blood drawn, weight taken, height measured, fluids given, etc… before they could start. Ronan has been a little trooper and causing a lot mischief since we’ve been here. Shooting the Dr.’s and nurses with his darts, and when I took him to the bathroom he grabbed a whole roll of toilet paper from above the toilet and threw it in the toilet as I turned my back to wash my hands. Oy vey! All I can do is laugh because it makes me so happy to see him being himself. Woody, Mimi, and I met with our stem cell transplant doctor, Dr. Adams for about 2 hours today. Once again, an overload of information and I am so amazed at my husband and the way he handles everything and asks 50 million brilliant questions. I sat, absorbed, cried, and just listened. The stem cell transplant is a BIG deal. Way worse than the chemo as they basically kill my baby and bring him back to life with his own cells. It’s a lot more complex than that, but it’s the best way I can think to describe it. His own cells will rescue his body. I felt really good about our doctor. You can tell she is extremely intelligent and passionate about what she is doing. She also apologized for leaving the fate of our son’s treatment in our hands. She said it’s because as doctor’s, they don’t know the exact formula for curing this. Woody asked her if kids that have this disease as badly as Ronan beat this. She says she see’s it all the time and watches many of them graduate from high school. She said she was looking forward to coming to Ronan’s high school graduation. That threw me over the edge, I started  bawling just hearing those words come out of her mouth. As I sit here looking at my happy baby I am overcome with joy and hope. Ronan is different than most little boys. I’ve known this from the moment I laid eyes on him at the hospital after he was first-born.

Time to go home now. Yippee!

6 thoughts on “Magic Medicine Day one, Round 2”

  1. So great to hear that optimism from someone who deals with this on a daily basis. I know it means so much more coming from the expert and having her feel strongly that you’re on the path to recovery. Hugs!!

  2. WHAT A GREAT REPORT!!!!! Just what Mama Maya needed to hear. I am very pleased for you and like Kristen said, it must mean so much more coming from an expert. Lots of love to Ronan!

  3. Friends and family of brave little Ronan… another friend of ours is battling this same diagnosis and has asked that we all vote for Arms Open Wide in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge. All these kiddos need our help in voting so they can fund less toxic treatments and find a cure!! SAVE A LIFE TODAY…Arms Wide Open is in 6th place and on its way to #1! The winner will recieve a $250,000 grant. Rememeber you can VOTE EVERYDAY until SEPT 30. It is so EASY – please text to Pepsi at 73774 – in the body of your text should be the numbers 102653. Pepsi will send you a confirmation text – its free and easy! Or, you can vote on-line: http://WWW.REFRESHEVERYTHING.COM/ARMSWIDEOPENCHILDHOODCANCERFOUNDATION

    Maya… your honesty, determination, support system and pure MOMMY POWER will get you through this. I am so inspired by your courage. Know we are out here praying for all of you. Would love to drop by a meal. Call or email anytime. 602.363.5659/

    With hope and love,
    Meghan, Court, Claire & Hudson Fable

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