I hate broviac dressing changes

Today was awful. Horrific. Something a mother and Mimi Kay should never have to experience. It’s those damn dressing changes for his broviac. You’d think in this day and age there would be an easier way. It took 4 of us to do it. Our nurse Sharon is amazing and he was handling it really well until she got to the side of his skin and started to peel the tape off and we could see that his skin was raw underneath. We would have never known as he has not complained one bit. It was so painful to hear him scream, yell, and cry for me and there was not a thing I could do. Sharon cleaned around the area and put a new dressing on. She moved it in a different spot as to not irritate the skin that is now bloody and raw. I can’t belive we have to do this once a week. I pray that there is some relief and his skin heals quickly. He was so brave. It took him about an hour to stop crying after. I put some neosporin cream on it and it seems to be helping. I wish I could take all of his pain and give it to myself. I would give my left arm for him not to feel or experience any of this. UGH. Worst day in a long time.

On a better note… I asked the doctor today if Ronan could go to the ASU game this Saturday in our suite. He gave me a big fat YES! So happy about that. All of Ronan’s counts look great and the doctors seemed really pleased. We will just take a ton of hand sanitizer with us and Mimi and Papa are contacting somebody at ASU who will give us a ride to top of the stadium. Who knows… maybe they can get Sparky to sneak in a quick visit too;)

P.S. If anyone knows Oprah personally can you please pass along the message that she needs to do a show on childhood cancer. I have been emailing her once a day with no response. It’s time to raise awareness on this subject. Far too many little ones are hurting. I thought that woman had covered everything. I am shocked nothing has been done on this. Do me proud, Big O. Before your show ends this season!

6 thoughts on “I hate broviac dressing changes

  1. Joy (Corkran) Gaeraths

    I just found a Facebook Fan page that was created to try and get Oprah to do this. I tried sharing it but my phone is acting up. Just search on facebook “Oprah Childhood Cancer” and it should come up. It is definitely a subject that should have been talked about a long time ago….just wanted to share my find. I am glad that Ronan is able to catch the game Saturday. I will think of your little rockstar as I am there too, watching your Devils beat up on my Lumberjacks. Have an amazing time!!

  2. Lara, Andy and Noah Nelson

    Oh Maya I feel awful for you… I can remember those days so vividly. Noah did so well with everything, but dressing changes were horrific. We discovered skin prep to under Noah’s dressing and it made all the difference in the world. You can get them at Walgreeens at Scottsdale/Shea. The nurses did not like us doing this(they feared infection)…. but it was sooo much better for Noah. Noah never had a line infection in 2 years and had the same broviac for 2 years. Feel free to call me if you have any questions. Lara Nelson 602-750-8696

  3. Monica

    You are an amazing woman! I cant even imagine what it was like durring his dressing changes! I hope his skin heals fast.

    I have “liked” the Oprah page on FB and I cant believe she hasnt done a show on childhood cancer either…. I hope she hears about this before the end of her season!


    My thought and prayers are with you and your family ♥

  4. Chris

    Yeah for the doctor saying he can go to the game!!! That prayer answered really quick! Now I will be praying for healing of raw skin. ugh. I’m so so sorry.

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