Back already

We are back at the hospital. Ronan’s nose started bleeding around 10 this morning and we could not get it to stop. His platelets are very low and he has a slight fever. We will be staying over night so they can give him more platelets and monitor him. Please continue praying/sending good thoughts our way.


Nosebleed stopped. Ronan now has a slight fever. He is looking much better. He threw up a bunch of dried blood that was in his tummy from his nosebleed. Now he is eating Otter Pops and threatening to rip out his tubes. My little fighter is back:)

14 thoughts on “Back already”

  1. My thoughts and prayers have continuously been with little Ronan and the rest of the family, and today my thoughts and prayers are still with you all. God bless you in this continuous fight, I know you will come out on top!!!!!

  2. Oh Maya, We are SO sorry to here this. We know how excited you all were to go home. Hopefully this will be a very short stay.

    Our thoughts and Prayers are continually with you.

    Love, and God Bless
    Aunt Joan ,Uncle Larry

  3. We don’t know each other but my baby boy is the same age as Ronan. I’ve never prayed so hard for someone I never met. I will be lighting a candle tomorrow at church with special prayers for your precious baby. Be strong. FU cancer.

  4. More prayers and good thoughts than ever for you tonight. I hope that they were able to stop the nose bleed and that you are on your way home again soon. Stay strong!

  5. Maya, I just want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers constantly! As I tucked 4 grandkids into bed tonight I thought of you and said another prayer for Ronan. You are such a brave and courageous young lady. You are inspiring all of us with your writing, thank you for taking the time to keep us all informed. Love, prayers and best wishes from all of the Renauds back in Longview.

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