Hometown Heart

We grew up in the small town of Kelso in the Pacific Northwest. Like with any small town, you can’t wait to “escape” it when you grow up and explore other places. What I don’t think any of us ever realized was how growing up in that small town…our hometown, planted a seed of love and loyalty that none of us knew existed until this moment…a moment when one of our own is in need.

 What are the chances that the three of us would end up in the same city?  What are the chances we would reconnect on Facebook of all places and pick up where we left off 15 years ago, like barely any time had passed?  We’re pretty sure the Big Man had this in his plan all along, and we’re thankful that we could be here supporting The Thompson Family, and representing Hilanders far and wide (sorry…the Blue & Gold of Kelso runs deep!)

 Last night was special for us.  Ronan was showing off his battle scar on his head, munching on snacks, laughing, smiling, and loving on his parents.  We saw Maya with renewed inspiration and a strengthened soul.  We saw Woody with so much confidence and love as he snuggled with Ronan in his bed.  We also saw humor, and we laughed a lot, and it felt really good.  We know this is a tough situation, but to get Maya to laugh and laugh hard was our best work yet!

 After we left, we spent a lot of time talking on the roof of the hospital parking garage in the balmy summer air.  We were kinda hesitant to leave.  We knew with Ronan’s upcoming treatments that visits will dwindle so he can heal, and we weren’t ready to leave our friend quite yet…so we stood out there, looking towards the hospital and sending our good thoughts, love, and prayers their way.

We love you, Thompson Family, and you have all of Kelso & Longview fighting for you!

xo – Olivia & Jennifer

 “To be with us, you have to be good.  To stay with us, you have to be strong.  To beat us, you have to be kidding.  We Are Kelso.”

4 thoughts on “Hometown Heart”

  1. I sincerely love you all…..kiss that baby for me…only wish I could hold him in my arms…I am a NURT|URER

  2. Rockstar Ronan~Heard it was a great day for you! So many people want to continue to see you smile. We read about you everyday through friends and family. So proud of you on your first day with the MAGIC MEDICINE! Keep kickin’ it kiddo, we all love you! May the force be with you 🙂 xoxoxo

    We have a special Star Wars package coming your way…..

  3. Thank you Olivia & Jen for representing Kelso/Longview. We truly are fighting and praying for the Thompson family. My heart continues to feel your pain Maya as a mom. That is our job and I love every minute of it. Try not to think of being deprived of it to the twins but you are modeling for them how to love others while taking care of them. You are a fabulous mom and are so amazing at the courage to take this head on. You can make it! Our family is continuing to pray for you all and won’t stop! We love you and God is with you!

  4. Hi
    I’ve been reading this blog, and the story of Ronan since I watched my role model sing the beatiful song on Stand Up To Cancer. I then researched it, and found your blog. I have been reading it since then, and got about 4 hours of sleep. I dreamt about Ronan. It’s crazy how I can dream about someone I have never even met. He’s beautIful. The song makes me cry. I have lost so many family members to cancer, but none so young. I’m from the town or Tacoma, WA. About an hour an a half away from your hometown. I wish I had known about Ronan sooner. I wish I could have prayed for him. I would have prayed so hard. I wish he could have kicked the hell out of cancers butt. I wish it didn’t take a Tay song for me to find out, but it did. And I cried. How can you cry over someone you have never met? I’m not even 18 yet, but when I feel ready enough to have a child, when I have a son his name will be Ronan. I will never forget. He fought it hard like an army guy ❤

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