Huffington Post and The Empire State Building




Through Ronan’s story, I have come to know the most beautiful people who are so passionate about this fight. I am so proud to call this little gem, Rainesford Alexandra someone who inspires me everyday to be a better person, leader, and fighter. If this is what our youth of today looks like, our world is going to change in a very bright and beautiful way. Thank you sweet girl for all of your help, friendship and passion. Please share this story and know that together we will change this. I am determined and hopeful that we will see The Empire State Building, Go Gold. xxoo

3 responses to “Huffington Post and The Empire State Building”

  1. Maya – hoping and praying for you – you are persistent and I have a good feeling about this. The folks at Empire State can’t ignore you much longer, not when you have so many supporters messaging their social media pages persistently. I don’t think it would be very expensive to switch the lights from their normal silvery-white to gold for just 1 night. This is not much to ask, to help children, who are sick and hurting…I hope they do the right thing. God bless

  2. You know what’s nearly 500 ft taller than the empire state building? 1 World Trade Center aka ‘Freedom Tower”. They lit up red white and blue last year and it was quite a spectacle. I wonder if they would be willing to light up Gold for cancer this year. I don’t know if they normally do charitable requests but it would get a LOT of publicity because unlike Empire State they don’t light up for every stupid thing like turtles and sports teams.

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