I promise you all…






I have been in the middle of writing on my blog for weeks now, but I have had so much to say that my post has gotten insanely long.  I was going to try to finish it tonight, but between being so wiped out because all of my babes are sick this week, book writing, and very little sleep… I don’t know if it is going to happen.  I also now have to write a blog post about something that I am VERY upset about which is going to cut into my updating you all even more.  In the past, I have requested to have the Empire State Building lit up Gold for one night during the month of September to shine awareness on childhood cancer.  My requests have always been denied for some really lame ass reasons.  They light it up for pretty much every cause out there, but apparently childhood cancer is not good enough to be one of them. Last night it was lit up green for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Go turtles!) Seriously, WTF? You can light it up for a movie, but not real life heroes like kids who are fighting cancer??

I am LIVID and I am in the middle of writing a “DEAR EMPIRE STATE BUILDING” blog post, but I am not sure if I will have the stamina to finish it tonight.  I am not the only one upset about this.  The whole childhood cancer community is in an uproar and is blasting this all over social media, but whomever is running the social media for the Empire State Building keeps deleting all posts related to why they should go gold for one night during the month of September. I am going to leave you with this post tonight, written by somebody else until I can finish my own.  We need to get moving on this. We need them to do the right thing and change their minds. I know the hard way how little attention childhood cancer gets.  My son died because of it.  Lack of awareness equals lack of funds and lack of funds is why childhood cancer is the number one disease killer in America.

Please help us out in whatever way you can.  Make phone calls to the media about this, leave comments on the Empire State Building’s Facebook Page, Tweet this, anything you can think of to let them know that we are not going to just go away. Our kids fighting cancer do not have a voice. It is up to us as adults to advocate for them. Please use the hashtag #empiregogold. I truly believe if we all come together, they will do the right thing.


Childhood Cancer needs all the awareness it can get, otherwise things are never going to change and that is just an unacceptable world to live in. I won’t stand for that and anybody that knows anything about this world, shouldn’t either.

Thank you all always for all that you do. This is a war that cannot be won alone. New York is my favorite city in the world and I am truly hoping this can be turned around in a positive way.

I promise to post soon.  If Poppy will get off my boob so I can actually finish typing. For now, read this.  Get mad, get angry, don’t stand back and do nothing. Please. I am begging you.






9 responses to “I promise you all…”

  1. Hi!
    It is supposed that the “Empire State Building” turns into different colors to honor people, colors like purple and others 16 million different colors representing different things, but i´ve just heard about a deleted post related to childhood cancer.
    So why do we have all those colorful lights if you decide to forget kids with cancer? I mean, they deserve it, right? You took a wrong decision.
    Don´t you want to help? could you give those kids a little bit of support to keep on fighting?
    Is not that difficult to put gold lights on the “Empire State Building”.
    Kids deserve it, so would you just fake a smile and pretend everything’s ok? are you going to keep wearing that mask?
    I think…people think… even children think you are taking away the illusion and even the strength to fight cancer and you don´t care. Can´t you see all the damage you are causing?
    OPEN YOUR EYES!! This is the best opportunity to help kids with cancer. If you were sick of cancer, wouldn’t you like to see gold lights on the “Empire State Building” just for you?
    Go gold for childhood cancer!!
    I am with @MayaThompshon
    @Shauna McMahon Moore

    1. ‪#‎empiregogood‬

  2. I seriously love your blog, some days it’s hard to put one foot in front of the other (our grandson was diagnosed with NB last June), but someone I’m able to absorb some of your energy after reading your blogs and it helps with those hard days……keep on fighting sweet lady!

  3. We F***ING love you, Maya! Your love, energy and passion for Ronan and for all of us is who have been affected by childhood cancer is palpable when we read your blog, and it is contagious in a positive and wonderful way. YOU MAKE ME BRAVE. Thank you for that.

  4. Thank you for sharing this, simply disgusting. Tweeted the hashtag which is going around.

  5. Wow that’s bullshit. I don’t understand what’s so hard about lighting it up one day. It’s one fucking day. It’s incredible how heartless people can be. Children are our future do they not realize this.

  6. Dear Maya,
    I’m not sure if you know already or not, but being Canadian, I looked into having Niagara Falls go gold for Childhood Cancer awareness and found out that it already will be! That is one major place, at least. I also looked into the CN tower but as I am not affiliated with a registered charity, I can’t request it myself. But I will be contacting charities and asking them to request it. I know it’s not the Empire State Building but many many people see Niagara Falls light up every night so I think that is one victory!

  7. Have your tried ABC 7 New York? They have a segment called “seven on your side” I feel like this would be a perfect story for them to cover.


    Or longer shot…. Mariah Carey gets the Empire State building light up with “her” colors quite often, her apt apparently has a view of the ESB. Should be flood her with tweets and see if she’ll pull strings?

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