For all my Arizona peeps…


These 2 “elfs” are requesting unwrapped gifts for The Ronan Thompson Foundation Candy Cart. If you visit Garage Boutique for Kids, Nove’, or High Point this holiday season, please bring in an unwrapped toy to receive 15% off your entire purchase.  These toys will be used for Ronan’s Candy Cart when we visit Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Thank you and happy shopping!!!





3 thoughts on “For all my Arizona peeps…”

  1. I have several large stuffed animals I would love to donate to this, is that possible and if so where can I drop them off to

  2. Hi Maya,
    I follow you closely and would so love to contribute to the candy cart! I live in Massachusetts though. I thought maybe I could have something shipped right to one of the stores if they wouldn’t mind putting it where it needs to go. I was thinking Barnes and Noble because they ship so quick and do have toys. Let me know and address if this is possible.

    P.S. Ronan rocks. Cancer sucks. You shouldn’t have to be without him this or any Christmas.


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