1st Annual Run Like A Rockstar!




Come join me in a 5k in my hometown! So excited to do this, so thankful for the support! Details for the race are in the link below! Let’s run for Ro!


12 thoughts on “1st Annual Run Like A Rockstar!”

  1. I grew up in Olympia and so wish that I would be home to participate. My husband is active duty and we are stationed in Virginia. I am posting this to my Facebook in hopes that some of my old friends will be able to attend!

    You are an amazing lady.

  2. I am so excited for this event! My daughter and I have been reading your blog from very early on (when Johnjay Van Es tweeted a link to your blog a few months prior to fucking fuckwad cancer taking Ro from all of us!) We live in Portland, OR and are so excited you planned a run in your home town and the beautiful NW. We love you and your family and are so excited to sign up for this run and support your amazing foundation. See you on July 14th

  3. Wish I could travel that far!!! Hey any chance people could figure out how to run/walk that day time in own location? I have an app called runmeter and it records your route and time etc… We could do that and email you the results? Let me know if you want more info…

  4. I am so excited you’re doing this up here! Also from Portland, Or. But I grew up visiting family in Longview. I used to walk around that beautiful lake as a kiddo, I am pumped to do it again for Ro! Gonna try to get a group together and see how much we can raise! ♡ xox

  5. Of course it’s got to be the first time I’m away from Longview in a long time! I’m coming home next year for it for sure! ❤

  6. I am in the Atlanta area and was wondering if there would never be a race in Georgia? I would love to be a part of it or to help in any way I can to make it possible!

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