The most beautiful girl and the most beautiful boy. I love you both so much.



32 responses to “The most beautiful girl and the most beautiful boy. I love you both so much.”

  1. I almost can’t watch…I can’t fathom how you are getting through this month. I hope you feel Ronan’s presence and spirit in everything today……hugs to you.

  2. Maya – I cry everytime I read your posts. Every single time you write to Ronan, my heart breaks into a million pieces all over again. I miss your Ronan, but im sure its no where near enough as you… your strength amazes me, but I love you for it, I love that you chose to be this way, and get through this world because of your family. I am sure Ronan is proud of you. I wish he was here, and I chose to believe that where ever he is, he is happy. He has to be happy because he has a mom like you, and I chose to believe one day you all will have him again. Poppy is the most cutest little baby in the world, she reminds me so much of Ronan, and I absolutely adore her name. Suits her perfectly. Anyway, today is my birthday as well, only I am turning 24, not 6. I wish I had known Ronan, I would have loved him to the moon and back.

  3. They are both so beautiful. It still amazes me that a21 year old could grasp the pain and grief that you feel. But she does. And she gave it a voice. Sad, beautiful, tragic.

    So much love to you. And your beautiful Ro.

  4. much, much love & hope to you


  5. I love this picture of you two,he looks so Into you and you Into him,it makes cry but at same time give me hope that one day you will see him again.
    the most beautiful Love story that of a mother and her speacial boy.
    xoxo I love you maya and RO

  6. One would think after hearing this song a thousand times that I wouldn’t still tear up, but I do. Beautiful song for a beautiful boy

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  8. Maya,
    I first heard about your family’s story and of Ronan through Taylor Swift and this beautiful, tragic song. I started following your blog. I recently went back to the beginning and read through your journey and Ronan’s fight. I want to thank you for sharing it. Although I don’t know you and never had the chance to meet the spicy little monkey himself, I feel like I miss him, and I know that it is not even a tiny little fragment of what you and Ronan’s loved ones feel, but it has sparked me. I HATE what happened, I HATE that you and your family have to go through this, I HATE that Ronan isn’t living his life and growing up, and I HATE that we live in a world that allows this to happen. Thank you for sharing his story, because it has angered me so much and makes me constantly think FUCK YOU CANCER. I will not act like this is okay, I will not sit by and not acknowledge the fact that we live in a world where beautiful babies have to die because of fucking cancer. I will continue to share Ronan’s story and make sure everyone I know hears it and won’t settle for it, either. Thank you for your strength and honesty about this horrible disgusting thing called cancer. I know that you are doing and will continue to do amazing things to help others and beat this fucking thing. Don’t stop fighting.
    Love and strength to you and your beautiful family. Love to Ronan.

  9. I still tear up. His face just breaks me. Love to you and your family. xxx

  10. Happy birthday Ro!
    That song is incredible, beautifully sad I guess.
    Thinking of all of you ❤

  11. Happy Birthday, Ro. You are so beyond loved by so many people. I always talk about you as if I knew you, share your story and try my best to raise the proper awareness that I am sad to know about through your mama’s blog. Keep giving her, your daddy, brothers, baby sister, and family strength, Ro. ❤

    Maya, the strength that exudes from your family continues to inspire me. The twins are growing up to be such handsome and well-rounded little men, and I know Poppy is going to grow up to be an amazing woman – just like her mama. You and Woody are amazing parents. I am sad that I had to learn of such an inspiring family through something so devastating.

    I can only imagine how hard today is for you, but I would like to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. & wishing you a special Happy 1st Mother's Day with Poppy girl. ❤

    Always in my thoughts and sending much love from New York

    -Lauren ❤ xoxo

  12. hey maya
    I’m so sorry for you
    I spread the word and tell everybody I know about ronan, and they’re all blown-away
    they’re really inspired by ronan, and you and your blog
    we really want to know were we can buy the purple bracelets, and it’s that even possible for us cause we live in the netherlands…
    I hope that someone can react and tell me
    that would be nice
    love you to the moon and back
    <13 ronan


  13. We were thinking about you, today. Well…every day, but especially today. Happy 6th Birthday, Ronan…and Happy Mother’s Day to your Momma, who is everything a mother should be (and a few things extra…but that just makes her so much more kickass).


  14. Perfect photo of the two of you! Happy Mothers Day and Ronan I’m sure your somewhere making this day better for those who need it! Wearing Purple today for you!!

  15. Maya,
    I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now, and have been amazed and inspired by the love that you have for Ronan. I think about you, Ronan, and your family often. I cannot imagine how difficult every day must be for you, but it is truly inspiring how you have chosen to use your pain to change the world of childhood cancer.

    Cancer is an enemy of mine as well. I lost my Gramma – my favourite person in the world – to cancer on Christmas Eve this year. She had just turned 90 years old, but I know in my heart she would have lived to over 100 had cancer not taken her life. She was the kindest, gentlest soul on earth and never had a bad or unkind thought in her life. But she had quite a spark, too! I guess you could say she had a bit of spicyness, like Ronan. I don’t know if there is a heaven, but if there is, I think that Ronan and my Gramma would be great friends.

    Sending love from Canada,

    P.S. Happy Birthday Ronan!!!

  16. Maya I’m not sure how open you are to things like this, but have you been to or thought about seeing a psychic or a medium at all? Not to take away your pain because that will be here forever but to at least give you assurance that your sweet boy is safe?

  17. Happy birthday Ronan. Sending purple, sparkly thoughts to your mom. FU CANCER!!!

  18. Hi. I just wanted to say a couple words to your and your family, especially Ronan. I hope you hear this bud! I. Just wanted to say that I bet Ronan was quite a cool kid! And today on what would have been his 6th birthday he has touched more people’s lives and taught more people things than any teacher or any life coach could EVER teach you! I can’t say that I know what it feels like to have a loved one with cancer but in my home town there is this little boy who also has neuroblastoma. It is kinda funny they are the same age and they were both (him and Ronan) diagnosed in the same month, August 2010. I wore purple in support for Ronan and all the other kids out there with cancer. Cancer is an TERRIBLE thing. It takes innocent souls from innocent people. So, F U CANCER!!!! My city is having a relay for life in June and I am walking all 24 hours. We MUST FIND A CURE!!!!! We can not just let innocent lives being taken by this stupid cancer. My whole town wore purple today as a tribute to Ronan and Kaiden (the kid in my town who has cancer). I wish there was more I could do as a person to stop this horrible thing from happening. My life will not be complete until we find a cure. F U CANCER! G’nite Ronan and Maya. Bless you all!

  19. The world lost such a beautiful, amazing little boy. So not even fair. Thinking of the bad ass Thompson family always!

  20. I have yet to isten to this song and not completely lose it–I can not imagine that I ever will be able to. Know I was thinking about you and the way too many mamas without all of their babies today. I think Ro sent me extra tears today–as I couldn’t seem to keep them in when I looked in the rearview mirror as we travelled home from a soccer tournament. How insanely blessed I am. How sad I am that he is forever 3 instead of 6 today. Hurts my heart. I remain so sorry and send you love today and always.

  21. Did the White House ever say anything about the petition? I never see anything on there. I’ve seen petitions that didn’t get enough responses get an answer. Are they going to ignore this one? I hope not. We should at least get an answer. It’s not asking too much to light the White House up gold in September.

  22. Still can’t watch it without crying. I think of you guys and Ronan everyday. All my thoughts are with you during the shitty month of May. Fuckmay. Fuckit.

  23. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!I Cried many tears for you last night and fo Ty’s mom . I have no idea how you do it. Sending you just love. RoLOve!!!

  24. I had my toes painted sparkly purple! I was in Ireland in Kilharney in a little shop next to the Kilharney Towers hotel and there was a beautiful bowl, planter with Poppies all over it! Ireland…Poppy…Ronan…You..Your family impacting the world! With love and admiration always!

  25. Fuck you cancer. Because May 13th doesn’t make the pain any less for the best Mama ever. Thinking of you, praying for you, loving you always Maya. May sweet Poppy continue to splash your soul with peaceful tender moments. May Liam and Quinn continue to be the very best sons and big brothers they can be–warming your heart every step of the way. May Ro reach out to you to let you know that despite missing you like crazy–he is ok and that he is keeping things spicy where he is until you can meet him when the spiciness will explode!

  26. Dearest Maya i just wanna show you some love and hoping you could make it throught that day of Mother’s Day and Ronan’s birthday,thinking of this really breakes my heart and i dont know the level of that pain that is yours on that day but i know you have that strenght that will make you go through that terrible day,Ronan is so deeply missing on that special day,he should have his beautiful six years,we love him,we love you and we love your so touching and beautiful family.The post you wrote about leaving ballons in the sky is one of the most beautiful things you wrote,your little twins are so incredibly adorable and their smile is so incredibly touching.I guess watching them playing basketball might be such special moments because they really are such beautiful little boys.I just wanna say if you want to delete my comment,iam ok with this because there is one thing you can’t delete and that thing is my love for you,for Ronan,for your beautiful family because it is printed in my heart and forever will.Love you all,always.

  27. Wow!!!!! I can not believe how you are getting through this month!!

  28. Julie Ramos-Cerber Avatar
    Julie Ramos-Cerber

    Hi Maya, I don’t mean to bother you but I have a desperate request. ABout two years ago when I started following your blog I also follwed a young beautiful girl named Bella. Bella was diagnosed with Rhabdyomyosarcoma, don’t know if I’m spelling it correctly, since the age of four when she woke up paralyzed. Bella is from my home twon Miami ans is now 10 years old. Bella has had 6 relapses int he last six years. Unfortunately, after a grueling 14 hour surgery, where they spilled hot chemo throughout her abdominal cavity, proved unsuccessful and now she has been sent home to hospice. Her mom is pleading for a miracle and an opportunity to facetime with Justin Bieber. Thankfully, last year she had a meet and greet with him before his concert in Miami. I humbly ask you please see if Justion or Taylor or anyone can look into their hearts and dedicate perhaps five minutes to this angel. I hate this freaking disease and how its robbing these kids from EVERYTHING!!! Please I ask from the bottom of my heart that if you read this you please try to help give Bella one of her last wishes. you can check out her website on Facebook, PRAY FOR BELLA. Also, she asks eveyone to Live Like Bella, whcih is enjoy every minute just like your beautiful, amazing, courageous Ronan, which I love so very much. Thank you

  29. We sing Ronan on the way to school..and at bath time…it’s a common occurance in our home. Always thinking of you all. ♥

  30. Nadine L'abbé Avatar
    Nadine L’abbé

    Such a cute little girl Poppy is!!!I hope she brings you lots of joy in this “May month of horror”

    Greets From Flanders fields where poppies grow, Nadine from Tiny Belgium

    My little boy Pepijn plays with the YODA Star Wars doll (from the surprise egg) all the time (meanwhile Ronan on my mind)…..

  31. Hi Maya, I’m Natalia. I live in Uruguay, a very small country in South America (yes, we speak spanish) you may know us, or not, it doesn’t really matter. I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been reading your blog since Taylor Swift (I’m a big fan of her) played ‘Ronan’ for the first time. I’ll start nursing school in August (I’m 18) because I’m planning to become an oncology nurse. This may be nonsense to you, but I just needed to explain that for you to understand. I’m one of those crazy teenagers who feels that she could change the world, maybe I won’t, but the point is that you helped me a lot with that. I just wanted to be a nurse months ago, now I want to be a part of it, I want to work helping others to destroy cancer, to be there when patients get better, and when they not, too. Your love for Ronan, your fight, changed my life, as it may change a lot of others too. I just thought it was fair to tell you that.
    I’m really sorry that something good came up of this. Makes me feel guilty.
    You’re are a fighter, one of those women who were born to change something.
    I think of Ro, Poppy, you, and the whole Thompson family, everyday. And I will, always.
    I promise I will do my best to screw that fucking disease every single day of my life.
    I’m sorry.
    Lots, lots, LOTS of love,

  32. Maya, I hope that you got through these past days as well as you could, With your boys and Poppy by your side. Thank you for opening your heart to all of us. And allowing us to be part of this journey with you. I am a better mom because of you and Ronan (ironic b/c we have never met and so much has been influnced by you!) Thank you. And hey Cancer FU!!

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