Miss Taylor, how I love you so.

I wish this is what the media would focus on. Thanks to one of my little Tweethearts for sending this to me.

I love you, Taylor. Thanks for making  my day a little brighter and putting a smile on not only my face, but this sweet girls as well. I love you to the moon and back.



23 thoughts on “Miss Taylor, how I love you so.”

  1. Taylor has the most loving heart❤ she is so amazing! I am glad she takes time out of her day to do wonderful things to brighten people’s days. That really shows how amazing and caring she is! I love you maya and thanks for making me realize how you should live your life and how serious cancer really is! Your the best.

  2. Taylor, you’re such a beautiful amazing girl, who makes me smile every time your songs come on the radio, I see a picture of you, and above all, when I look at my Ronan bracelet, which is always on my wrist. You’re the one who led me to Ronan, and he inspired me to become a Pediatric Oncologist. I am so proud to be your fan<3

  3. Dearest Maya;what a beautiful blog you have,every single post of your blog is so touching because so honest,so humble;so innocent,every single word does mean a thing,every single word is full of emotion.You can be so proud of you,there is something so strong that comes from your blog because its all about love.Let me tell you something dear Maya,its strange but when i think of you,i dont think to one person but two actually,when i think of you i think of you and Ronan,because you have always him with you inside your heart.Its very hard to describe but i feel like Ronan is always with you,for ever and nothing can break that link.You are so inspiring and let me tell you how much i love that picture of you all near a christmas tree,i never saw such a powerful picture,seeing your adorable family is so touching,there is something so powerful that comes from that picture,i can see a lot of love,i see how humble you are,how innocent you are and that make you all so beautiful because you’re not cheating,you’re not faking,you just speak with yours hearts in that picture.We love you all,your family is so adorable and touching.Feeling Ronan’s love,always.Sending love and hopes to you and your wonderful family.

  4. ❤ that Taylor and I like the same jewelry. 🙂 Seriously, she's awesome! What a soul. 🙂 xo

  5. Two very amazing people in this photo. My thoughts and prayers r with this girl and her family.

  6. I am so happy to see a Taylor supporter. That poor girl keeps getting unfairly blasted in the media. I am glad I didn’t have paparazzi following my love life when I was 22. Yikes! I love her to death. She is such a sweet girl.

  7. I have read your blog for a long time and now reading Laurons. She has been in our local paper and news. Was so hoping Taylor would make this little girls dream come true, and she did

  8. She is actually a celebrity who is a good influence, appropriate clothing, no crazy stories about getting in trouble …AND she has a HUGE HEART. Yet she gets so much bad press? I DO NOT get what our values are about as a human race. ????

  9. Taylor ended up spending an hour with Lolo and her family. Even signed Lolo’s brother’s ukelele. Her father posted about it on her blog. Of course the media never talks about this stuff. But Taylor never says anything about her charity work anyway. Unlike most stars.

  10. I love Taylor Swift’s “Ronan”, that is in fact how I found out about Ronan and about this website! Would it be okay if I made a Youtube video for Ronan, with pictures of him from this blog?

  11. Maya! You really are a force of change! You said you wished this is what the media focuses on, and today it is on the Yahoo front page! I am pretty sure someone in ‘MayasMafia’ had something to do with it!! You rock!

  12. Taylor is such a caring loving girl, I am so proud of her, for taking time out of her busy schedule to visit children in Hospital, not many famous people do that, and I think that’s what people love about her, because she is always tries to bring a smile to other people faces and make them happy…
    I love you to the moon and back Taylor ♡
    And also I love the song she wrote for Ronan everytime I listen to it I cry I just can’t help it, I didn’t know Ronan (but I wish I did), but this song makes me feel like I did ♡

  13. Taylor you’re amazing, if only people would see this side of her instead of caring about her love life. you are an inspiration to many people out there. a true human xox

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