This is all thanks to you and your votes! Rockstar Ronan won! Thank you!


22 thoughts on “This is all thanks to you and your votes! Rockstar Ronan won! Thank you!”

  1. No one deserves it more:) So happy you pulled through and won! I wouldn’t have expected any other outcome! Yay Maya!

  2. I am always amazed by you and Ronan’s love story.
    You truly are a rockstar Maya!
    Thank you for fighting for ALL of our babies.
    Can’t wait for Poppy to make her entrance!!!

  3. This is so cool. I didn’t know it existed… I know these things don’t heal or bring back our kids… It it makes it feel less intenses when we know our pain is not wasted. That there is absolutely no good from anything. NOT that we ever wanted this… I’d much rather my son could see, hear, play with kids. And that my baby that died I could have back and have 4 beautiful kids. But these things help educate…

  4. Maya- congratulations! I know this achievement is just a shadow of wanting your precious boy back. Ronan inspires me every day as a mother, a friend and as a human being. The story of your love for Ronan will change the world. Believe that!

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