7 responses to “Your song for the night, Ro. It’s been a while and this was one of your favs.”

  1. You and Ro turned me on a long time ago to this band, and i’ve been obsessed ever since. Love them! 🙂

  2. Aaaahhhhhhh!!! This is one of my all-time favorites- I usually start my day by stretching to this song (such a good vibe) and ever since I saw that video that was done to this song with all the pictures of Ronan, I think of him every single time I hear it. I just tear up thinking of that beautiful little guy, but he keeps me focused on what’s important. ❤

  3. This song always makes me think of Ro.

  4. Hi Maya, I adore you and I ache for your Ronan. Your love for that child taught me so much about this life, and his blue eyes and little voice will be forever in my heart. I was listening to this song and it reminded me of you…even though your baby was taken from you. I guess it reminded me of how much you love Ronan, and now Poppy. Also I am obsessed with ‘Beam me up’ by Pink, and ‘In my arms’ by Plumb.

    I am a medical student, and I can honestly say I have been inspired and motivated by your story to maybe pursue pediatric oncology.

    Tiny hands.
    Yes, that’s you.
    And all you show,
    It’s simply true.
    I smell your breath,
    it makes me cry.
    I wonder how,
    I’ve lived my life.

    Cause without you,
    How did I get through,
    All of my days,
    Without you?
    Now living with you,
    See everything’s true,
    My baby, it’s you.
    My baby.
    My baby,
    My baby.

    With no words at all,
    So tiny and small.
    In love I fall,
    So deep.
    So deep.

  5. Michelle from MI Avatar
    Michelle from MI

    This morning, I had the urge to play ‘Big Jet Plane’ and ‘Silver Coin’. I played them 3-4x each and it made me think of Ronan. I just seen your post now and clicked on the link…..I thought to myself, ‘ I wonder if it is one of the songs i needed to hear this morning?’ AND IT WAS. I burst into tears hearing the song once again. I don’t know what else to say other than I am grateful for finding you and Ronan.

  6. This makes me think of what you’re going through, Maya, every time I here it.

  7. I also think you’ll appreciate this one.

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