WOW! This is all because of you! Thank you so much! For our first marathon, this is amazing!


We are beyond EXCITED to announce that our P.F. Chang’s Rock-n-Roll Marathon and Half “Run Like A Rockstar” Team raised OVER $94,000!!!! Can you believe it? $94,000!!!

A special thanks to ALL involved! We are already gearing up for next year!!



18 responses to “WOW! This is all because of you! Thank you so much! For our first marathon, this is amazing!”

  1. That’s great! Congratulations

  2. WOW!!! How AMAZING indeed!!! ROLOVE Always & Forever!!!

  3. So awesome!!!! I have been training and hope to run with you next year!!!

  4. Yay!! That’s so awesome! I hope next year I can run it with you instead of from here! I still had a great time running for Ro, spreading the Rolove and his story, and raising cash for the cause!! Xo

  5. That is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING F’N AWESOME!!!!!!! You’re doin’ it Ronan and Mama Maya!!!!!!

  6. Amazing!! What about a team for the one in San Diego in June?

  7. This is awesome and YOU ARE AMAZING!!! You inspire me to be a better version of me. Thank you for that!!! 🙂

  8. This made my day!!! So excited for next head, I hope you have the virtual runners option again, I’m in

  9. that is amazing news – congratulations!!! Great job to all those who participated 🙂

  10. Super amazing! Congratulations!

  11. That is just fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. So impressive!! FU CANCER!

  13. AWESOME job, Rockstars!!

  14. This may have to be my marathon #2… an awesome purpose to focus on while training…

  15. This is so so so awesome.

  16. Running for Ro was an honor!!! I will definitely be running again next year:) Maya, you and Ro are changing the world!!

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