There’s also this…



Thank you to whomever nominated me for this. Best lovely little blog readers, ever. You can vote once a day. Are you all sick of voting for things for me yet?! I’m sorry! It makes me feel bad, but it’s amazing all the great things that have come from it! You all are powerhouses!

15 thoughts on “There’s also this…”

  1. We don’t mind voting for you Maya! The word is getting out! Think of all of the folks that read “Parents” magazine!

  2. Om, my gosh! I’m so upset, I don’t have a FB yet! Gonna turn 13 in several months, though… *sigh.* I really wish I could sign it! Maya, this is a little off topic, but I kinda-sorta-in-a-way-I-guess took Ronan rock climbing yesterday. I rock climb on a recreation team, and I’ve always loved it, I mean, I just joined, but since I was 4 or 5, every once in a while, I’ve gone. ANYWAY, I was thinking about how Ronan would never be able to go climbing, and it made me so sad. To me, one of the saddest things to think about (since I never knew him), is how he’ll never be able to do all these amazing things in life. So, I wore my Ronan Tee shirt, and hauled ass up that rock. I really hope he knew I was doing that for him.

  3. i voted and will keep voting!! And I plan to reach out to Parent’s Magazine to dedicate their September Issue to Pediatric Cancer Awareness…..hope others will reach out to them too!! Now is the time so they have time to prepare 🙂

    1. What a great idea about Parents Magazine! I know that when she wins,the foundation is going to have lots of exposure. Who are you contacting? I would like to do it also. Thanks!

  4. Are you kidding me???? I will NEVER get tired of voting for you. This is an amazing thing you are doing in honor of an amazing little boy. I think you are awesome — you inspire me every day.

  5. “Meet me where the sky touches the sea.
    Wait for me where the world begins.”
    — Jennifer Donnelly, The Winter Rose

  6. Really hope you’re safe dear Maya in New York city,we want you to be back home safe to hold your loved ones.Please Maya slow down a little during your pregnancy ,we want little Poppy to be safe,really hope you’re doing fine while doing all kind of million things and being pregnant.But please feel free to update your blog any time you want and please Maya slow down and rest as much as you can for little Poppy.Your followers are always amazed by you and your incredible strenght.We will be proud of you even with the smallest things you do.Feeling Ronan’s love,always.Sending love and hopes for you and your wonderful family.

  7. Voted. Neuroblastoma didn’t know the fight it picked when it targeted your sweet son. You (and Ronan) continue to inspire and amaze.

  8. Brett Michaels just posted this on the GRAMMY AWARDS LIVE BLOG COVERAGE FEATURING BRET MICHAELS “Taylor looks Alice and Wonderland cool. And on a personal note, I have much respect because of her working with Ronan, and young boy who passed away from Cancer and i also worked with him on Life Rocks Foundation”


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