My Dear Friend, Becca, said she would pull her front tooth out if this happened. So here you go!


17 thoughts on “My Dear Friend, Becca, said she would pull her front tooth out if this happened. So here you go!”

  1. woo hooo!!!! i just took a picture of my mom (who is a pancreatic and lung cancer survivor) with a sign to send to you. looks like you won’t need it now. I am so happy and I know Ronan is smiling down on you.

  2. Hi Maya!
    I wasn’t sure how to send you this message, so I’m leaving it in a comment. I’ve been following your blog for some time now, and Ronan’s story has really affected my life. Last night I was dreaming and Ronan showed up. I know I never knew him personally, but I felt his presence very strongly. I gave him a hug and he looked at me and told me, “tell my momma I love her.” I just felt like I had to tell you this…I know that we don’t know each other, Maya, and that I never knew Ronan, but I was touched that he came to my dreams last night and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. What a remarkable little boy!
    thank you for your dedication and your strength to ending childhood cancer. You are such an inspiration to me!

  3. In all my days of livin’ the thug life, I’ve never seen a more attractive G. I think Flavor Flav would agree. Goodbye, hello,

  4. Wow i cant believe that what you whished finally came true,all the litlle things you do for Ronan are getting bigger and bigger,i knew from the very start that you would get all the signatures you needed.You can be so proud of you Maya;what an inspiration you are.That strenght you have is beyond the understandable.Its you and Ronan magic that can move mountains.Us your followers are so proud of all these little things you do for Ronan,even the smallest thing is such an acomplishement.Feeling Ronan’s love,always.Sending love and hopes to your wonderful and loving family.

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