A Gold White House!!! We are SO Close!!! Thank you ALL!


Ronan. I don’t ever watch things on YouTube about you because it is just too difficult for me. There are so many beautiful things on there and for that I am forever grateful, but I leave them for other people to enjoy. Today was different. Today, something came across my way that I could not ignore. I sat and watched it all, sobbing while doing so. I always cry due to missing you, Ronan, but today I also cried because I was so moved by this darling girl and the way she took it upon herself to a voice for you and all kids who are dealing with cancer.

Talk about inspiring. Talk about touching. Talk about watching the world change right before my very eyes and knowing it is all because of you. The youth of today will be different as well as so many others because of you. I don’t know how the White House can possibly say no to our petition. We are almost to 25k signatures and for that I am beyond thrilled! You all really didn’t think we would stop at 25k, did you?! No way. We are going to keep this thing going and get as many signatures as we can until February 6th. Let’s blow this out of the water and give the White House absolutely no reason, to say no. The more signatures the better.

Thank you, Chloe for your amazing YouTube video of Ronan. Thank you for understanding at such a young age, the right things to fight for. I know Ronan is so proud of you, as am I.

Thank you all for rocking this petition. I could not have done it without you. Thank you, Woodddawg, for doubting me. You know the best way to make me get things done is by saying telling me I can’t do it. I love you for that.



Keep signing and sharing. YAY!! Almost there!!


40 responses to “A Gold White House!!! We are SO Close!!! Thank you ALL!”

  1. Love it! You and Ro are moving mountains!

  2. RoMama,

    So excited!
    Where can I get a #mayasmafia tee?

    Always rolove

    1. Soon. I promise. I’ll let you know:)

      1. That will be a must buy for me too!! I will be proud to rock that shirt!!

  3. Omg I’m over the moon with excitement!! Team Ronan we Got this in the bag. πŸ™‚
    My Facebook is covered with All things Ronan ❀
    You Give me strength and make me want to fight for forever…Ronan Thompson you Have my heart little man. And it will do good things forever, something I will instill in my boys and share with everyone I meet. You are true ROCKSTAR ❀

  4. This is amazing. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I am inspired. You are going to do this Maya! Your mafia comes through again! Changing the world, changing the world. ROlove. xoxo

  5. Maya,

    I immediately sat and watched Chloe’s video. Oprah needs to see this (I loved Fernanda’s email to her) !!!! She needs to invite you, Chloe and Taylor to her show, to her magazine, to a special Oprah broadcast… about people who are changing the world, filling it with courage, grace, strength and love! Chloe … I am in AWE of what you created, of all the hours that must have taken, and of your beautiful, sensitive, brave friends… to share their hearts with the world. If you are our future the world is blessed!! and Maya, your beautiful boy Ronan is the heart of this movement of love and gutsy do it ness.

    I am a Canadian citizen and my husband is American… you KNOW he had no chance of not signing!!!

    with so much love,

  6. Oooh, Mayasmafia! I want one, too! πŸ™‚ I will wear it with pride!

    Great job, Chloe! When kids inspire us, it’s so much more powerful. The coming generation will change the world in the best ways, if they will all just stand up for what’s right the way Chloe is doing.

    I want to yell from the roof of my house, fly over the city in a helicopter with a massive bullhorn, shout into into every ear! Sign the petition, already! Just sign it! That 60 seconds of your life could NOT be better spent!! And if I feel that way, I can just imagine what the Thompson family feels. Blessings to all of you!

  7. I like how she used Taylor Swift’s Change at the end. Perfect song for this. We definitely need a change on this issue.

  8. Just sent a desperate plea to my local news station, fingers crossed!

  9. Only 469 more signatures and we got it ! But like you said, we should go for more and reach 50k ! That would show the world that we all stand up as one when it comes to this πŸ™‚
    Lots of love.

  10. Wow, what a beautiful video Chloe created. Brilliant smart beautiful young woman! She will help change the world, for sure. Can not wait to see what Woody will challenge you with next (of course in the most loving supportive way possible as he so clearly knows and loves you best!). Love to Thompson Land….rest a wee bit, mama! I know you need no reminders that you still are doing a lot of extra hard work keeping Poppy girl all cozy and snug!

  11. I have twittered you out all over tweetville..facebooked you . Almost feel like a pimp. Lol. Regardless you Maya are amazing and you inspire me. I thank you.for that. Which I am sure you would tell me to f off or get a life. I am living a life full of spiciness and hotness
    .thank you for sharing your spicy monkey. You have made me a better mom….heres to you Maya!!

    Ps..plz keep Ireland…beautiful name!!

    1. Only 388 votes left!!!

  12. I read on one of your posts that you have to be in the USA to sign but it allowed me to do it yesterday and I am in the UK! so all you international readers get signing!! just hope they all count!

  13. Maya, hi, it’s Chloe. Thank you so much for everything. You and Ro are my biggest heroes and hearing you say that he would be really proud of me means absolutely everything. Thank you for being you, thank you for showing me what true love is and how to be a rock star. Not only will we rock this petition, but we’re gonna kick cancer in the big ol’ BUTT! We’ll make sure of that. You have no idea how much this meant to me, thank you for writing this. Thank you for all the kind words. Thank everybody for all the kind words! Thank you, Ro, for everything. I love you all to the moon and back. xoxo

  14. Hi maya,,I’m an O Level 4rm Pakistan,,,,,i live in Pakistan nd i’m so inspired and touched by Ronan’s story,,,,,he’s very special nd I must appreciate your efforts on raising awareness for childhood cancer.
    I cant sign the petition myself so I have asked my friends in US to do it 4 me πŸ™‚ THe cause iz GREAT!! nd I’m dreaming to become an oncologist in the future!!!! I have already written a poem on a baby suffering 4rm cancer

    1. Hi !
      You don’t have to be in the US to sign the petition !
      I’m in France and I signed it !! πŸ˜€

  15. Well done!!! That is THE BEST You Tube video I have ever watched! What an amazing young lady! And to think, the inspiration behind it all is you and Ronan! That White House is gonna look gorgeous in September!

  16. Sitting on my iPad hitting refresh and watching the numbers go down! So close!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A gold White House!

  17. We only need 172 signatures to reach 25,000!!! We are going to make this happen for Ronan & all other children who suffer or have died from this horrible disease! Never give up Maya!!! Together we can make a difference!!! ❀ ROLOVE Always & Forever!!! ❀

  18. Less than 100 signatures left!!!!!!!! We are super close!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. We did it! I love seeing 0 signatures needed!

  20. Just hit 25,000. Congrats Maya and everyone at the Ronan Thompson Foundation!!!

  21. Only 25 left!!!!

  22. Only 31 to go !!
    We’re so close to the Gold White House !!

  23. For the Love of RO! Woody should never underestimate the love for your sweet little boy! πŸ™‚ I’m so excited, I never doubted the 25k signatures! I signed, I shared and had my friends share!

  24. Oh my God !! We did it, you did it Maya !!!!!
    We’re beyond 25k signatures !!!!! That is just so amazing πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Keep working this hard, and good things like this are going to keep happening in your life !
    Lots of love !!

  25. WE ARE THERE!!!!!! Let’s sing Hallelujah!

  26. You did it, Maya! 25,000 signatures. You are an amazing woman, doing amazing things!

  27. Holy shit! I went to bed last night, checking the numbers the last of, oooohhhh, I don’t know….20 times yesterday….and over 1,000 were still needed. Now it’s down to 24! Incredible! If anyone could make this happen, it’s you, Maya. God help anyone who tries to dissuade you from accomplishing something in Ronan’s name. God help anyone who tries to stop you, period. Can’t wait to see it in September!

  28. In the time it took me to type that last post, WE MADE IT!!!!!!

  29. YEA BABY YOU DID IT!!!!!25,000 that was all RoBaby!!!!!

  30. 25,073 and counting!!!! Tears of joy…

  31. I have been following your blog since Stand Up to Cancer. I have never posted anything before. But I just checked the petition and you did it!! I’m so happy for you, for Ronan, for these kids. Way to go!! You are making a difference for these kids without a doubt!

  32. My best friend made this video and I am just so proud of her. I am so glad she is inspiring the world. ❀

  33. What a shame I can’t watch the video in Germany. But still congratulations to you, you made it.

  34. What a sweet sweet girl. Wow! She really opened her friends’ eyes. What if everyone did something like that?

  35. Hi Maya,

    So happy you made 25,000 signatures was watching the numbers go down. :). I can’t watch Chloe’s video maybe because I’m in Australia not sure but I’m sure it was meaningful & beautiful at the same time. Maya you just keep on RoRocking the world.

    Xoxo to all

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