All I want for my birthday is you


Ronan. My birthday is this Friday. You know the only thing I want is the impossible. To have you back. I know that cannot happen, but I will still wish for it every single year that I blow out the candles on my cake. I don’t want to celebrate my birthday because how is it possible to celebrate it without having you here to sing to me, give me sloppy, wet kisses, and make my day truly beautiful the way you always did? I stopped celebrating my own birthday a long time ago. I know trying to fight my birthday every year or ignore it entirely is not going to happen, so I have had to make my own adjustments to it. I let everyone else celebrate it for me and I do my best to plaster that sweet smile on my face to get through the day. I let myself get lost in the love that I feel from your brothers and your daddy and let them remind me that they are still here, loving me and for that I am so very lucky and blessed.

This year, if I cannot have you back, I would like something else. My lovely little board members put together this petition for me as a gift this year. I could not think of a better thing to ask for. I want to turn that White House, GOLD, for the month of September which is the ribbon color for childhood cancer awareness. I want all of these babies and kids to get the recognition they deserve and I cannot think of a better place to start. I need 25, 000 signatures by February 6th. I need help from all of you and I am not above begging.

Please. Take the 1 minute it takes to sign this thing. Please. Tell everyone you know. It is such a small thing, but it could have such a huge impact. I have no doubt with all of you behind this cause, we can get this done. I could sit here and give you 50 different reasons of why this needs to be done, but I’m only going to give you one. Do it because it is the right thing to do.

I love you, Ronan. I will do something “spicy,” for myself on my birthday just for you. I miss you and as always, I hope you are safe.


Thank you all for caring enough to sign. Thank you for making my birthday wish come true. I love you all.


52 responses to “All I want for my birthday is you”

  1. The best birthday wishes I can give you are signing the petition to turn the White House GOLD, and to send it to everyone I know. Best wishes and a big hug.

  2. You’ve got it, girl. Will pass along to anyone and everyone I can.

  3. Maya…I signed the petition. I had to enter the encryption code and I shit you not…the first word was Teddy and the second word was Francisco. This will happen. xoxo

    1. Oh. My. God. All of the baby angels are surely looking out for us in heaven.

  4. It was less than a minute people & I did it from my little iPhone. Please do it! Even if It was difficult it would be worth it!!!! This is one of the most important & influential things we can do today! It’ll take you about 45 seconds of your day to help turn the white house GOLD in September! Romazin!!! Do it!!

  5. Signed!!!
    Happy early birthday RoMama
    Rolove always

  6. Signature # 619!!! We can do this people!!! 🙂

  7. Signature #619!!! We can do this people!!!! 🙂

  8. Signed and shared on my Facebook page. Will continue to share the link daily on Facebook! We can do this!!

  9. Done! And I will share with everyone I know! I would do anything for the little boy and his Mama that have totally ROcked my world!! There hasn’t been a day that has gone by in over two years that I haven’t thought of Ronan and you. Sending lots of love your way, as always!

  10. Signed and shared!! ❤

  11. I signed the petition! I signed it for Ronan. I signed it for you. I signed it cuz it was the right thing to do.

  12. Maya,

    Along with signing the petition and sharing it as my Facebook status, I thought it would be a good idea to post it to the babycenter group I am in. Well those mother fucker pricks just sent me a note saying it could be posted on the “good causes” page and not the December 2011 birth club age. So they deleted my post with the link to the petition. I am fuming fucking mad right now. I sent back a reply asking why it could not be posted there. I also made sure to ask of her child died from cancer wouldn’t she want the link posted everywhere, not limiting it to a page full of requests for signatures etc. what a fucking bunch of bullshit. I will no longer be supporting babycenter and their shit rules.

  13. I signed the petition and posted to my fb! Turn that white house GOLD! GO TEAM RONAN!

  14. Come on people. I will do something crazy if the “make table tennis a recognized sport” petition is not surpassed soon…

  15. Petition signed and shared with everyone I could think of! I hope your birthday is filled with lots of love and smiles. I’m so very sorry Ronan isn’t here to spend it with you, but I know he’s going to make sure that your wish for the White House to be turned gold, comes true. Much love to you mama Maya!! ❤ Asheigh

  16. The McCarthy’s (Tracey, Brian, Jack, Reese and Remy) are #944 and 945 on your petition. I’m so honored to do this for Ronan and Ty Louis Campbell!

  17. Signed! Will be spreading the word at my campus and posting it anywhere I can! Happy Birthday Maya!

  18. Stephanie McAllister Avatar
    Stephanie McAllister

    Petition signed Ronan, Ty, and Teddy! Happy Birthday!!

  19. Done!
    We love you Maya, we love you Ronan!
    Let’s make this world a better place, without this freaking cancer!

  20. Do we have to be living in USA to sign it please?

  21. Hi Maya. I’d love to sign the petition but I live in the UK? Will it still work?

    1. I signed and I’m in Australia so you should be able to as well. Just leave out your location .

  22. You got it! Petition signed! Hoping to make this birthday wish come true for you. Love your blog!

  23. Signed – happy birthday Maya! and FUCK YOU CANCER! from a faithful Swiftie reader 🙂

  24. Maya, I signed the petition and spread it all over Facebook and sent it to my email contacts. My fingers are crossed that this makes your birthday wish come true. Anything for you, RoMama!

  25. Maya, im only 17 but youve inspired me in such a way i cant even explain. I probably cry every time i read your post. you’re right, this never should’ve happened and i will help in anyway i can. i signed the petition and im making my friends sign it as well. This is gonna happen, cancer can burn in hell.

  26. Maya, I’m so with you on this FUCK CANCER day. Signed and will share in every way I can. Personally I get little response on FB, but I have posted on my mothers club’s forum, will send emails and post on my sons lots of helping hands page. I think if all of us go the extra mile for Maya, we can get her 25,000 signatures by Friday.

  27. Done!!! Juantelle and Alexandra, yes, you can make an account and sign 🙂

  28. Heather Sample Gosse Avatar
    Heather Sample Gosse

    Hey there,

    I’m in Canada but would love to link to the petition via Facebook. Can’t figure it out 😦


    Sent from my iPhone

  29. Maya, you inspire me……you say things out loud that I have felt for the past ten years. I am not crazy, and most important, I am not alone. I have signed the petition…..!!!!

  30. Signed and shared!

  31. signed all the way from Australia!! Love your work you are an inspiration and your son is the most beautiful little boy i have seen. Cant wait to see gold instead of pink all the time!!!

  32. Hi Maya, what a fantastic idea. I was wondering if Australians can participate in this petition or if it is only for American citizens? Goodluck with the petition. Ill do my best to keep spreading the word of childhood cancer down under too. Thanks, Emma

  33. Maya this will certainly get done! And if it doesn’t I may seriously pitch my own tent outside the whitehouse.

  34. Signed! This must get done and it will!

  35. Destiny Johnson Avatar
    Destiny Johnson

    Signed from Puyallup, WA ❤

  36. Done! And posted to Facebook and Twitter. Happy Birthday Maya. I pray you get your birthday wish of turning the White House gold!

  37. Signed and posted to FaceBook. Happy Birthday, Maya. You are an inspiration.

  38. #1952 whoot whoot send it to everyone in my phone book saying they better help kids with cancer or they’re all shit heads 🙂


    Below is another petition on the White House website which is for raising awareness of Childhood Cancer and more specifically Neuroblastoma.
    Feel free to sign this one too 🙂 Every little bit helps!


  40. Consider it done 🙂 I will pass it on to everyone I know 🙂

  41. Just signed it, Maya, and shared it on FB. Will be sending you peaceful thoughts on your birthday…just let all of the love that surrounds you carry you through the day.

  42. Signed this for Ronan and Teddy and all of the little fighters out there who have lost their battle and for those who are still fighting.

  43. I was contacted, very recently, to join a group (local to albany, NY) to take local people and foundations who have experienced pediatric cancer. We are going to get lots of media, have some event everyday in September and work to raise awareness and dollars for pediatric cancer funds. This is a great Birthday gift…
    I’ll share 🙂

  44. For you birthday!

    Karen M
    Miami, FL
    January 08, 2013
    Signature # 1,684

    I’m so sorry you and lost Ronan, so thankful that your sharing him with the us. Your beyond amazing! You have one more soldier in this war against the asshole cancer! Fuck cancer!!!

  45. Maya, I am only 12, but I still signed the petition! Happy birthday, beautiful, amazing, strong girl! I got to the part on the petition page that I had to make an account and I was like, “Damn, Mum would never let me… she doesn’t even know about Rockstar Ronan and how it is my favourite website in the world!” Then I kept saying in my mind, “Do it for Maya and all that she is. That superwoman is trying to move mountains… the least I could do is help her. I can’t give her Ro for her birthday, but I can give her this. I will give her this. This is for my favourite person on the planet.” So I signed it. Thank you, Maya, for your pure heart. Thank you for giving me the gift of Ro-Magic. I will love you forever and always with every ounce of my being.
    Ciara xoxoxo

  46. Signed!!!! I ‘m from italy
    thinking of you and ronan always ❤

  47. I feel like we should’ve already met this goal please everyone spread the word make Maya’s birthday wish come true!!

  48. Happy B-day Maya!I think that you can win this battle.And we are here to help you.

  49. Signed.
    Signed so the world will wake up.
    So the kids get the attention they deserve.
    We will fight this.
    I love you Maya & Ro.

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