I have a surrogate runner!!! Dr. Giselle Sholler is in da house!



I will cry watching Dr. Sholler run this for me. She is beyond amazeballs. A doctor like this is unheard of. I am so honored to have her run in my place.


2 responses to “I have a surrogate runner!!! Dr. Giselle Sholler is in da house!”

  1. I just donated 179.00 to reach your 1000.00 goal , when I looked that’s what you needed , someone else donated at the same time it looks like so now you are over your goal. Blessings to you …Proud of you , inspired by you and your beautiful little blue eyed boy is over the Moon Proud of You … I so understand your pain as I am a Widow

  2. Wow! You and Dr. Sholler are amazing!! Is she running without training too? Going to check out the first giving page. Fuck you cancer!

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