Blessings to you all! Best Ro-Lovies EVER!


Happiest tears ever! You all just helped me meet my fundraising goal in about 15 minutes. I don’t even have words! Thank you so much! You all inspire me and give me so much strength. The next thing we fund will be for Dr. Giselle Sholler. I am so excited to give her this news as we are hoping to do something for her very soon. Please keep the donations coming in as there is no cap to what can be raised. $1000.00 dollars was the minimum.

Thank you all so much!


5 thoughts on “Blessings to you all! Best Ro-Lovies EVER!”

  1. I live in Nashville and know your story through precious Taylor Swift. I believe in God and don’t pretend to know His reasons- but I want to thank you for taking the most terrible of terrible stories in ths life and making something beautiful. I know it in no way compares to having your sweet, sweet boy alive on this earth…but thank you.

  2. I don’t often read my emails ,because i’m always so busy but when I do I cry and I appreciate my family that much more .It breaks my heart to read and see you in so much pain and I miss Ronan to and I didn’t even know him or your Family. Life has a way of changing us all, all the time, I wish bad things never ever happened ever…….but they just do and you are doing amazing things with everything you have in you even through all your pain . I admire you and I hope and pray for more good days for you , that the good will always outweigh the bad ,keep your chin up and let Ronan’s spirit guide you as he’s been thus far:) I THINK YOUR A BEAUTIFUL PERSON AND I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU ❤ HUGS FROM WASHINGTON!

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