Happy Birthday, Taylor!!!


Dear Taylor,

Wishing the girl with the most beautiful heart the happiest birthday, ever. You have inspired me in such a way that I didn’t know was possible after losing my Ronan. Thank you for being such an old soul in the youngest, most carefree way, possible. Thank you for all you are doing to help fix this very broken world of childhood cancer. I promise to make not only Ronan proud, but you as well. I promise to never give up and to fight harder everyday, because of people like you.

Happy Birthday, darling girl. I love you.

Maya, Ronan and the rest of The Ronan Thompson Foundation board members

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Taylor!!!”

  1. Happy birthday taylor, the most beautiful, and definitly the best singer out there! We love you and what you stand for!! Today is also my nephew’s 2nd birthday. His mom died when he was 5 months old in a wreck. Its not fair, and I miss her sooooo much!! Rip lexie, and rip ro!! Xoxo

  2. Happy birthday to the most beautiful singer in the world. We love you and what you stand for. Thank you for all that you do! Today is also my nephew’s 2nd b-day. His mom died when he was 5 months old in a wreck. Its not fair and I miss her soooo much!! Rip lexie, and rip ronan!!

  3. Hey Maya! First and foremost, you’re great. Your strength after the unbelievable loss of your son, Ronan, is inspiring. Keep up the fight and all the great work you’re doing, and that is to come.
    Secondly, where can I get one of those shirts you are all wearing? They rock!

  4. Firstly, Maya I´m from Brazil and I really admire you and your strenght, I can´t imagine the pain of lose a son, I´d like you Know that you´re an inspiration! Here I Make a volunteer work in a Child Cancer Hospital and I follow daily the pain lived for many mothers.
    P.s: Everytime that I listen Ronan I Cry, is imposible dont cry. =(

    Finally to Taylor I wish all the best !!!



  5. Happy Birthday Taylor. Looking forward to hearing your amazing voice and seeing your beautiful inside and out self at Ford Field on May 4th!! Thank you for being you and thank you for being a such an inspiration to my daughters and encouraging their love for LYRICS and music!!

    Great shirts Maya! Thank YOU for being such an amazing inspiration and a fighter like i’ve never seen. You totally make Ronan the proudest son ever!! Wishing things could be incredibly different for you, in the best way…

  6. Happy Birthday, Tay! Today after school, me and my friend said, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAYLOR!” Hope you have fun, even though idk if you will even read this. I love you, you inspired us all on Rockstar Ronan. Keep rocking this world! ❤ Isabelle Geers

  7. I heard your song a while ago on the radio… and turned it up… I could only tell it was Taylor and she was singing about me… about exact things that ran through and run through my brain all the time… whenever I feel like I want to feel Maddie I listen to it… I love her… she is lovely and talented and real… the best kind of girl…

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