2 weeks is absurd. Guess I should have been checked into the looney bin, long ago.


This is from my Dr. Jo. How absolutely cruel. What is wrong with these so called, “doctors?” I wonder if any of them, have ever lost a child. Medication is NOT the answer to any of this. There is no pill for grief.



8 thoughts on “2 weeks is absurd. Guess I should have been checked into the looney bin, long ago.”

  1. This is sooo true no pill in the world will take away the grief. I did not lose a child but i lost 2 parents and grandfather with 6 weeks of one another back in march, and no matter what people say or do nothing will help with the grieving process. I sure do not like when people say “oh get over it” life does go on. Easier said than done. Just know one thing Maya. I do know how you feel and am soooo sorry.

  2. This pisses me off so bad!! Greedy ass pharmaceutical companies just want to keep pumping out anti-depressants, because that’s where they make big money!! It’s all about money for them!! If they put their focus on cancer drugs this world would be a better place, because you know for damn sure we’d have much better drug options for cancer patients!! It’s all about the money with those fucktards!!

  3. Please read the blog-the good doctor is worried that funding will no longer be available to treat those with acute grief-in a supportive-what I understand-not a pill fix way-She is very concerned with the new guidelines to treat grief-I took away she is against a pill fix and wants those in need of grief support to get it covered not in pill form but in a group lead setting that would be recognized and covered by insurance. Read about it…..I apologize if i mis read or took away her concerns differently than the Dr. meant it to be.

  4. im sorry medical doctors can be a pain in manny ways,when i got really sick we didnt know what it was but i went to a doctor whos open to natural ways and we found out im gluten intolerant, i know nothing can solve what you’ve been through but you should try seeing a nature patheic or some people call them nutritionolist maybe you should consider acupuncture it loosens muscles and i believe stress it wont cure grief but it can help with stress.

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