Run Like A Rockstar!




The Ronan Thompson Foundation is one of the official charities for the P.F. Changs Marathon in Phoenix, Arizona. Do you want to run for a great cause? All the information you need to sign up is below, just click on the link. I know you have it in you! If kids can fight cancer, anyone can run a half or full marathon! So get after it, peeps!


11 thoughts on “Run Like A Rockstar!”

  1. Maya, I was just sitting in my office and came across a song on my ipod and immediately thought of you and Ronan. Then, I see my pop up in the lower right hand side of my computer that you had an entry. It is Ronan intervention that I send you this song today. I hope you like it. It is sent with love and admiration.

  2. Just ran my first half (Ashland MA Half Marathon) and raised $700 for Ro as a virtual runner for your team (SO easy to sign up). When the wind and rain settled in around mile 7 I turned on “Ronan” to help get perspective and power through. I was super proud of the personal accomplishment, but even more so for the donations. Best spent Sunday ever! I have two girls, 1 and 3 years, and I work nights…if I can train for this, ANYONE can!

  3. Maya, I just watched the Katie Show that I taped last week. You looked so gorgeous; and you told Ronan’s story so beautifully and so eloquently. You and Woody look lovely together. Its amazing to me that the two of you have gone through the most horrific thing a person could ever go through and remain so loving and so strong together. I’m sorry you’re still feeling so sick–are you still predominantly on a pie diet? Haaha–I had to laugh at that because I went through months of morning sickness (or in my case all day sickness) where the only comfort to me (even at 7 a.m.) was Andy Capp Hot Fries. Love, warm thoughts, and prayers coming your way that you feel better and much Ro-awesomeness for moving mountains! You inspire me every day in so many ways…thank you!!! xo!

  4. Oi Maya eu novamente aqui para deixar mais um comentário no blog que se tornou meu vicio diário, mais hj vim deixar um pequeno trecho de um texto de Caio Fernando Abreu:

    Eu só vim lhe desejar um dia lindo. Com gente feliz ao seu redor. Com chuvas de sorrisos e de olhares que vêm da alma. Não importa se grandes notícias não virão hoje. Que também não venham as más. Que você esteja em paz. E que você olhe os problemas de cima. Que as palavras do dia sejam ‘leveza’, ‘doçura’, ‘calmaria’, ‘tranquilidade’. E que suas próximas horas sejam carregadas de pensamentos positivos e muita paz no coração. Só vim te desejar um ótimo dia. Colorido e florido.”

    Até mais…

  5. Couldn’t stop thinking about you guys today with it being Halloween. Every little boy I saw I thought “That could be Ronan if he never had cancer” Your blog totally gives me a new perspective on life and for that, I am grateful. Thank you, Maya. Thank you for sharing your story and sharing your beautiful baby boy!! You were in my heart today.

  6. Hey Maya, I just wanted to tell you that I thought you might like this song….it’s called Sweet As Whole by Sara Bareilles. You may not like it, but I think you will. Hope you enjoy it! (It should be on YouTube ,just look it up and give it a listen) 🙂

  7. I wanted to tell you that I have been following Ronan’s story for a while now. I’m 17 and ronan impacted me so much today. I went to get fitted for my first pair of hearing aids today and as I was leaving children’s memorial hospital I saw a little bald boy. My mom said to me “awwww look how cute that little boy is.” I said to my mom that there is nothing cute about what is happening to that boy. It’s not bald kids and smiles like the tv shows. I then told her about ronan and she understood. That boys mother looked so depressed and I understood what she was going through because of you. The 6 year old boy saw me smile at him and he then smiled at me and showed me his muscle. He was telling me that he was fighting. Thank you maya and woody for bringing the horrible truth of childhood cancer to life. My family now donates to childhood cancer foundations because kids deserve to be kids. You changed my life maya. FU cancer.

  8. Ive been reading your blog since taylor swift introduced me to it! ive read so much of it with tears falling down my face but also smiles like that video of ronan saying i love you. Just wanted to say its raining here in NorCal on Ronan’s favorite holiday: Halloween! He is everywhere and makes this holiday so much sweeter with the rain! I hope you are doing well romama and know that you are doing amazing things for childhood cancer! Ronan is with you in everything you do. Have a great Halloween 😊

  9. Maya, I am SO proud to be running like a Rockstar for Ronan!!! Your story has changed my life immensely. I think about Ronan and SuperTy all the time! I’m a mother of 4 kids, who doesn’t have much family around, so I barely get breaks. When I start feeling frustrated, I stop and remind myself how lucky I am!! Ronan, SuperTy and my little Jason, all beautiful boys born in 2007. Ronan and SuperTy should still be here, so I will fight cancer until we win!! I will never forget either of these beautiful boys!! Childhood cancer is fucked up!! I’ve found myself talking about it to everyone!! Most people are shocked when they find out what the statistics are!! There are so many way to fight cancer and I’m ready fight!! Oh and all this pink everywhere gave me a great idea!! I’m going to get a small gold ribbon tattoo!! My hopes are that many people will ask what it’s for, because I’m going to be glad to tell them!! Looking forward to the running clinic tomorrow night!! Fuck you cancer!!

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