13 thoughts on “Perfectly Said”

  1. I love this! You have created this moto for a lot of us! Thanks Maya. P.S Nice meeting you on Saturday. The gold party was AMAZING!!

  2. I agree fully. My mother has terminal colon cancer and sometimes it does get frustrating that breast cancer gets so much attention that other cancers don’t get. Childhood cancers should be on the top of the list in my opinion but also other forms of cancer that people die from every day.

  3. I just posted this to my FB page. More awareness, attention and urgency is needed!! We need to have gold ribbons every day to remind us of the war we are fighting. thank you for all you do in honor of your beautiful RONAN! ❤ love to u!!

  4. Fantastic article and great post, Maya. SERIOUSLY. Something’s gotta give. I lost my Mother-In-Law to Breast Cancer in 2005 and I know that she would have put her grandchildren and all other kids before herself. I mean no disrespect to ANY cancer, because it’s horrific no matter how you slice it, but these innocent children who have barely had the chance to run and breathe the fresh air DESERVE to come first. Period. I’m outraged.

    The fact that September was not in-your-face GOLD everywhere we looked, is bullshit. It looks like pink threw up all over the place already- even at the freakin’ hardware stores- it’s everywhere. The White House??? DISGRACEFUL- they should know better and they should be ashamed. A HUGE THUMBS UP to the great state of Minnesota for lighting up the 35W Bridge in GOLD last Thursday- we need to see more of that- and we WILL. We have work to do- September 2013 is going to look A LOT different. For now, (and as the article states), every day is about Childhood Cancer- and in my mind, every day belongs to these children. I don’t care what month it is- nothing is going to take that away from me, and we’ll just keep screaming until they listen. xxx

  5. Maya,
    Since finding you blog and reading your journey I’ve been blasting my Facebook wall & sharing your story and the statistics of pediatric cancer. I never really paid attention to the mass movement breast cancer is, with the NFL, the White House, the schools, and logos & tshirts left and right EVERYWHERE! And I have never seen anything like this for babies and children. Why??? I am guilty of not being in the know or even making an effort to get the word out there. I make a monthly donation to St Jude but I just realized I’ve been missing the big picture, to spread awareness to get pediatric cancer on tv on shirts on the minds of everyone everyday the same as breast cancer. “Gold before pink” I love that. So Maya you lead & I will follow.

  6. I agree totally with that sentiment! Maybe, just maybe, this exposure is gaining critical mass and will enter into the collective awareness of this freaking country! time to start a damn writing campaign to our Senators and House of Representatives once they are sworn in a few months from now. I will hammer those in Michigan if Maya will allow me to either point to her blog, or write about Ronan and the many other children suffering and dying. Anyone else up to send letters?

    Maya…keep fighting, keep talking and above all else, keep loving on Ronan!

  7. I have to admit that before reading this blog, I did not realize “pediatric cancers” were so biologically distinct from adult cancer. That is, I thought brain cancer is brain cancer whether it’s in a 9 year old or 30 year old – did not realize the diseases are so distinct. While breast cancer is far more common than pediatric cancers like neuroblastoma, I agree that the media focuses on it too much – thanks to the Susan G Komen foundation, most people who have access to breast cancer awareness campaigns are already quite aware of the disease! In comparison the other gynecological cancers get little to no attention (ovarian cancer is one of the worst!).

    Sadly awareness can only do so much. Everyone in America is aware smoking can cause lung cancer and a host of other problems, but we still have millions of smokers.

  8. Maya,
    I recently found your blog, it was right before “Ronan” came out. I don’t remember how I found it. Once I heard the song, I lost it- without even knowing your entire story yet – I just knew. I knew this was special. I have spent these past few weeks going back and reading every detail of your horrific battle with this murder – cancer. I myself am a mother to a almost 2.5 year old and reading your raw and truthful words have sunk deep into my heart. Things aren’t as big of a deal anymore, certain battles aren’t worth it, all I want to do is love on my sweet boy. I want you to be able to love on your sweet boy. I admit. I’ve been so ignorant. Why didn’t I know about this childhood cancer and all the statistics. Where have I been?! How did I NOT know this information when I have a child so precious to me so I know THAT kind of love. He is my best friend too – so how did I not know about other children fighting for their lives so often?! It pisses me off that I lacked the knowledge, that everyone around me lacks the knowledge. NO child should ever have to fight for their life, endure immense amount of pain and live in and out of hospitals when they should be outside playing and running. They need a chance at life. I know this isn’t preventable and I have a hard time understanding that. A really hard time. It isn’t fair. I cannot believe how many children are suffering on a day to day basis while the rest of the world lives in a bubble. I now know the facts and I want to scream them to everyone and tell them to wake the fuck up! And I will. Childhood cancer should be first. period. I wish so badly you could have Ronan back, but I know you will do amazing things with this horrible journey you have had to take. I can’t wait to see, I can’t wait to help.

    I too believe this baby is a miracle from Ronan. He is right beside you – this whole entire time. Now – I need to go wipe the snot and tears and get off my ass and HELP with awareness and funding so we can shoot this asshole to the ground. cancer will NOT win.

    You are nothing short of amazing.

  9. Hey! I just had to tell you that I heard Ronan’s song on the radio this morning and I was once again brought to tears from hearing it. After the song was over the DJ’s talked about Ronan’s story and you and about your blog. They even read some of your words. After feeling so sad, I then felt so excited for you because, Maya, you are doing it! You are making things happen and you are bringing awareness to where it should be, Childhood Cancer! The DJ’s also talked about Cancer Awareness and how we all need to cherish the time we have here and not take life for granted. They didn’t mention Breast Cancer or any other type of Cancer. They talked about Ronan! Ronan is EVERYWHERE!!! So watch out Breast Cancer Awareness, Ronan Thompson is taking over!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful boy with us. He’s definitely one of a kind and so are you.

  10. Maya.
    I did my run for Ronan tonight, he pushed me through heel spur and all. All I could think about was his countless bouts with chemo,radiation, endless needle sticks etc. Like you have said it makes any physical pain you are feeling means nothing. I tell everyone I meet the staggering childhood cancer statistics that you have posted. Your words are getting out. Thank you for opening up my eyes.
    The words of Adam Levine say it all
    Where have the times gone
    Baby it’s all wrong , where are the plans we made for two?

    Yeah, I know it’s hard to remember
    The people we used to be
    It’s even harder to picture
    That you are not here next to me

    If happily ever after did exist
    I would still be holding you like this
    All those fairy tales are full of shit
    One more stupid love song I’ll be sick

    This song came on my iPod while I was running right after I was bawling to Ronan’s song… Keep fighting Maya we are right behind you!

  11. This week in the local news on Little Rock Arkansas, it showed a piece on childhood cancer. It was a fun day for the kids at the hospital and also a find raiser. It was called Be A Rockstar. I thought of you and Ronan. You are not even here but your message is being heard. Your family is in my day prayers. Wendy

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