Voting Ends Tomorrow. Please vote if you have not done so. Thank you!

Hi. Today, I have had 144,550 hits on my blog post from last night. If all of you viewing, voted for us via Facebook…. we could win this contest. If you don’t have a Facebook, I forgive you. If you do and have not voted, PLEASE DO SO! It’s so easy to do so, and would mean the world to us all working so hard to fight for Ronan and all these other babes, who deserve better! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. If you have already voted and hounded your friends to do the same as well, I thank you from the bottom of my very broken heart. I love you all. I love you, Ro baby.

21 responses to “Voting Ends Tomorrow. Please vote if you have not done so. Thank you!”

  1. Vote….it is the easiest thing you will do all day. Then tell all your friends to vote.

  2. I voted and shared on fb instagram n twitter. I love you guys!! ❤

  3. I voted and have been messaging people to go vote!!!!

  4. Hi, I always read your blog and I LOVE all that you are doing to make a real difference in Ronan’s honor and for all children! I was reading the instructions on the Chase giving and I saw that you can vote even without facebook at this website I thought you could post this too and even if your readers don’t have facebook they can still vote before tomorrow! Keep it up Maya, you are incredible! 🙂

    1. *sorry I apologize you need to be a Chase Member to vote at that website…:( So all Chase bank members vote!

  5. I can’t figure out how to vote from my phone…. I do have FB & have tried for 2 days to do it….
    Side Note::: Much love to you Maya

  6. Virginia Tech is behind you and Ronan!!!

  7. Ok peeps. When she says it EASY to vote, she’s NOT KIDDING! She isn’t even asking us to be awesome little bad asses or asking us to build an amazing center for little innocent cancer victims. She’ll do all the hard parts like that, all we have to do is low her, support her & currently most importantly is JUST VOTE!!! Can you just imagine a person with as much passion & determination as Maya being given the actual means to make these dreams possible! Whoa! Watch the heck out cancer!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE! 🙂 ps, we all stand behind you Maya!!!

  8. The link says page not found FYI just dont want you to miss out on the votes! Good luck xo

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  9. I have been voting for the past few days. It only takes a few clicks! I admire you so much and think you are doing a wonderful job of raising awareness about childhood Cancer – thank you!!

  10. And by the way, by “low her” I clearly mean “LOVE HER” hehe, I can’t type!

  11. Never mind it worked on 2nd try thx

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  12. If you don’t have a Facebook account just create one now and vote. It’s free and isn’t hard. Then you can vote on things like this. I have two Facebook accounts so I voted on both.

  13. I voted and wish I can vote daily. I shared on my twitter, instagram and FB!
    I hope you guys win big! Maya’s Mafia’s gotta unite for Rockstar Ronan! Let’s do this for Ronan!!! Rolove always! xo

  14. just voted and did my best to spread the word.<3 lets do this #RIPRonan ❤

  15. Maya
    I want to be honest and start by saying I stumbled upon your blog because I was googling the back story of Taylor Swift’s song “Ronan”. I am truly inspired by your story and little Ronan. I spent all day today reading this from start to finish and was brought to tears multiple times. Your strength is amazing and your resilience to find a cure for Neuroblastoma is inspiring. I just wanted to leave you a note and know you are not alone and together, people can do anything. Lots of love to you and your family

  16. Maya,
    Read the blog start to finish after hearing Ronan’s song from Taylor and you. You have touched me in a way that I cannot fully explain. My son has a different fucked up disease, not cancer. But it too is not recognized, researched, or attacked in even a fraction of the degree to which I think it should be. I never wanted to be a warrior, just wanted to be a Mom, but I have and will continue to be for him! People rarely understand the anger and helplessness of watching your child truly suffer and Roforbid die. Thanks for reminding me that angry moms can fuck up cancer and heart disease when we channel that anger. Lots of love to you and your guys!

  17. Voted and so did my husband!!!!

  18. Voted and Hounded 🙂

  19. Like so many others, I googled Ronan after hearing Taylor’s song. Voted when I read this post. So thrilled to see Ronan’s foundation on the grant list!

  20. I voted and I heard your foundation won!! Awesomeness!!

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