Meet our friend, Ezra.

If you are in L.A. and want to go to a great event, here is one coming up. Though this shitty ass world, we have come to know some amazing people. Our friends, Kyle and Robyn, are having an event in L.A. and Woody and I will be attending to show our love and support.  They have been through so much and are living the same nightmare, right here with us. I am so proud of them for all they are doing to make this world a better place. I hope to see you there!

3 responses to “Meet our friend, Ezra.”

  1. Looks like a fabulous event. Love to Ezra’s family. I am so sorry all of you have had to endure the loss of your beautiful children and then raise money for research to protect all the babies out there. I ask myself over and over why it hasn’t happened sooner. In time to save these beautiful babies?

  2. ummm..holy crap I wish I could be there (though since i’m a microphone hog when it comes to karaoke, i think you should be glad that i won’t be!) That sounds AWESOME!!! Perfect night out for the parents of a Rockstar xo

  3. There are so many times I wish I still lived in LA for the things I could do to support. I’ll share it for my peeps there…

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