2 thoughts on “Updates on The Ronan Thompson Foundation Website”

  1. Thinking of you tonight…my heart just sunk when I realized it was now the 9th. 😦 (((Hugs))) as you find your way through another day without your beautiful boy and soulmate. Much love to you and those closest to Ro’s perfect little heart.

  2. I wanted to share a post from another blog i follow.

    Daddy Austin here,

    I’d like to tell everyone about something that really touched my heart recently. I was listening to a radiolab podcast that was talking about some research that they’re starting to uncover about mothers and how special they are. They used to think that the baby developed in the mother completely separated from her, that the placenta served as the gatekeeper, and that nutrients came in to the fetus but nothing came out. But research has shown that in fact the mother and the baby are exchanging cells. They know this because they can take a sample of the mother’s blood and see a bunch of cells that are the babies’. They can even accurately predict how many of them there’s going to be.

    And it gets better, it turns out that those cells don’t get cycled out, they actually stick around for years, even DECADES, most likely for the mother’s whole life! How awesome is that? What it means is that Julie is literally still carrying around pieces of Dax, spiritually and physically. That choked me up a little. And each child that the mother has will contribute it’s cells, so Madeline and Dax are together in a real way…

    But here’s the best part, since they’re fetal cells, they’re very dynamic (think stem cells), so they’re able to fulfill many roles. If the mother gets sick, or injured, these cells are the first ones to go to problem area and fight back. Imagine that, it means that if Julie gets cancer one day, that Dax’s (and Madeline’s) cells will be the first in line trying to defend her body and save her life…

    I’ve never heard anything in my life that is so right with the universe as that. Julie helped Dax fight for his life battling cancer and one day Dax will be doing the same for her…

    So, mothers, you’re always carrying every one of your children with you, every day of your life, even the ones that you may not get to love and kiss anymore, and they’re fighting for you, just like you did for them…


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