Fuck You Chick-Fil-A’s. I know where my kids will NEVER be eating again.





Wow. FIVE million dollars to Anti-Gay groups? Are you even fucking kidding me right now? I rarely let my kids eat fast food, but when they want something, I take them here. Yeah. Not anymore, you bunch of fucking fucktards! Do you know how much GOOD that could have done in the childhood cancer world? A fuckton of A LOT. Good thing you decided to fund such an amazing cause though, because kids DIE everyday from the disease of Gaydom. This makes me sick to my stomach. How are people so fucking ignorant? I say down with Chick-Fil-A. I’m going to start up a Fuck You Chick-Fil-A fund. They should be embarrassed, ashamed and shut down. I have no tolerance of this kind of hatred. You don’t like the gay community? That makes you a fucktard. Here’s an idea, why don’t you start minding your own fucking business and go find a real problem to get upset about! NEVER EATING HERE AGAIN!!! I may just go and picket outside of your fucking fast food joint, too!!!!

Ronan. I’m sorry due to fucking ignorant people everywhere, that the real problems of the world like kids dying of cancer, get overlooked. This world is ridiculous. On a side note, Anderson Cooper is my hero. I love him and his courage to be true to he really is in this world, while having to deal with the hatred of evil people everywhere. He is brave, heroic and someone I will teach your brothers to look up to. I already had the “We are never eating a chick-fil-a’s again talk with them. They are fine with it. Quinn responded with, “Why do so many people care about people who aren’t doing anything wrong?” Good question, Quinny. Good question.

Love you, Ro. I hope you are safe.


30 thoughts on “Fuck You Chick-Fil-A’s. I know where my kids will NEVER be eating again.

  1. Chris Pace

    The article clearly quoted Dan Cathy stating that they are not “anti- anything.” It looks like they are clearly a very family oriented company that gives a lot of money away to quite a few organizations. If you look hard at pretty much any company, you can find where they are doing something wrong. There are many items we consume that we would be horrified if we knew the labor practices used to get us this product. I am all in favor of making it known when a company is really bad, but we have to be really careful when we don’t know all of the facts. Chick-fil-a does a lot of good too.

  2. maureen

    wow- what a bunch of fucking ass holes…..could’ve taken up a worthy cause…like children’s cancer research….oh but no….let’s give 5 mil to a hate group- super… what group next? ….fuck those jackasses….thanks for sharing that info Maya….am never eating there again….and am never giving to the American Cancer society again either…

  3. Ami Daniels Bunch

    Wow! I stand with you, Maya. We will boycott as well and spread the word about funding something important like childhood cancer instead. 🙂 Keep inspiring. You’re changing this world for sure.

  4. Paul

    What you ll learn on the journey is that everyone s cause isn’t yours and unfortunately, you can’t MAKE people care about childhood cancer.

    1. Melissa V

      Noone expects that everyone’s cause will be Childhood cancer (though it should be–as we could conquer it and move on ;)!) but to take on something that simply hurts others is shameful and wrong.

  5. Glenda

    It’s a shame this world is filled with do many ignorant people!!! 5 million??!! Seriously!!! That’s bs!!! I love Anderson !!!!
    Thinking of you RoMama and Ro. Always RoLove!!! Xo

  6. Chris

    Who cares. If they’re anti-gay, let them be.i really doubt they care if you and your 23 friends stop eating there. Grow up. The world will never be perfect and youre just fueling the fire.

  7. Zack

    Yes, I know that money could have went to curing cancer, but on the same note it could have went to ending world hunger. So, by your logic, wanting to cure childhood cancer means wanting children to die of starvation. You can’t just throw children and cancer into whatever argument you want to get sympathy.

  8. Ryan

    Chick-fil-a is a Christian ran company hence the not being open on Sundays. Its very easy to see why they would donate to Christian family organizations. Not saying its right or wrong but luckily for then they can spend their money however they want. Bitch about it all you want but in a week when your kid is crying for chickfila you know you’ll be right back in there.

    1. Desiree

      Seriously Ryan? Seriously?!! I’m just going to pretend like I didn’t just read your comment: “Bitch about it all you want but in a week when your kid is crying for chickfila you know you’ll be right back in there.” You need to STOP reading this blog, and clearly you haven’t been following it long enough to know or understand what Maya was getting at, nor do you have the empathy or heart of a “Christian” (if you’re insinuating that’s what you are) by saying such a rude comment to a mother who’s lost a child. Do you get that? Do you get that her son is GONE?! Do you get that her older sons are mature beyond their years b/c of this experience and WON’T be “crying for chickfila” EVER?! You have GOT to be kidding me. I could go on forever, but I’ll stop now. No more wasted energy on heartless people. Please stop reading Maya’s blog, unless you have true empathy and support and love for what she’s going through. Signed, Maya’s Mafia

  9. dmurrayarmitage

    This is too sad for words. How can a company claiming to be modern continue to be so park ages? Fucktards does’t fully cover the description of them. Andereon Cooper is an entertaining talk show host – period. No need to qualify that with any adjectifs like gay or straight or caucasian or anything else.

  10. Nickee

    Wow Ryan, Zack, Paul and Chris… did anyone else notice that the only people who decided to bitch at Maya about this were men?? Hey homophobes! Nice of you to show up to voice your hatred!! You are doing SO much good in this world! I am fucking blown away! Keep it up asswads!!!! 😀 I honestly don’t know why you read her blog if you clearly don’t give 2 shits about someone who walks through life differently than you do.

  11. Katie

    I kinda thought she had made her feeling clear, tho she would like to see EVERY ONE step up & help her fight, she realizes people have their own beliefs. The INTOLERABLE part isn’t that they support something other than HER CAUSE, it’s simply that they would spend that much $ on HATE. Instead of love. And yes, they can put their $ where ever they choose. And we can put our $ into ANY PLACE BUT THEM! No matter my belief on gay rights, I would NEVER support ANY hate organizations!!!!! If any one wants to help Maya, repost the fuck-fil-a info on your face book or twitter it whatever. Spread the word!

  12. Amanda

    That is horrible! I feel the same way about politicians. I don’t understand why our kids have to suffer in so many ways (medically, educationally, etc) when millions of dollars can be thrown at someone to MAYBE get them a seat in our congress where they can further throw money where it isn’t NEEDED!

  13. Tracey

    Where do I donate to fuck- chic-fil-la?;) I will never eat there again. God must be shaking his head and thinking, thats not what I meant!

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