Ro baby. Your song for the night. And an epic picture!


This picture made my freaking week!!!!! Mark Foster from Foster the People and Kimbra wearing a Rockstar Ronan bracelet.  And notice his star tattoos! We think this is a sign. Thank you, Teddy. Take good care of that mama of yours for me. I’m working on some big things for the both of you. I love you.


5 responses to “Ro baby. Your song for the night. And an epic picture!”

  1. Wow!!! Beautiful!!!

  2. Oh Mama Maya, this makes my heart sing! Freaking AMAZING!!!! Love Mark Foster so much. I’m going to their concert on Friday night at Comerica and will be wearIng my Rockstar Ronan Fuck You Cancer bracelet proudly! Will you be there too? Would love to meet you and give you a huge hug. I am so sorry this is your reality now. It’s not fair. Keep fighting with that fire burning through your veins. Ronan will be there with you always. Love to you always!! Xoxo

  3. Wow! So awesome! And I can’t help but to see Ronan in him! He just makes me think of an older version of Ronan! Unbelievable!

  4. Love this!!!!!! This is so awesome and amazing!!!!!! Love them EVEN MORE!!!!! Btw, Houdini is the shit!!!!!!!

  5. That’s so awesome! And I agree with Jill, I definitely see him as an older version of Ronan! When I stared at the photo and looked through his eyes, I saw Ronan. They both have the same blue eyes, the same look. Amazing. It really amazes me.
    Ps. Sorry about my english, I’m a Spanish-speaker 16-years-old girl, and I feel inspired by this blog. Ronan inspires me and makes me wanna a better me. Thanks Maya for being such a wonderful and strong woman. 🙂

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