Ava is Love

Hi little lovies. I’m back from Texas. It was a great trip. I will update you soon. My head is spinning with a thousand different things that I need to do, that need to be done, lots of plans to put into place. My head is spinning but all I can do is sit here and think about this sweet little Ava. She lives Arizona. I know her, not well, but well enough. This is another time that I wish I had a magic wand to make this all go away. I don’t. This is why there has to be a cure for this nasty disease, soon. No child deserves to go through any of this. Can you all please keep Ava in your thoughts, hearts, prayers, or whatever it is, you do. She has been fighting so hard, for so long. This is breaking my already broken heart. Thanks, friends. xoxo


6 responses to “Ava is Love”

  1. Thank you so Maya for letting us know about these other kids thats are fighting so hard for their lives that other wise we may never have heard of! Thank u for getting their sweet faces out there to show the world these kids NEED to be reconized! Ur amazing! Keeping Avas family in my thoughts. FUCK YOU ASSHOLE CANCER!

  2. Thoughts and prayers and so much love to Ava and her family. AND of course, you and yours..ALWAYS!

  3. Maya, what can I do for this little girl? In three days I am off duty from being a school nurse for the summer..we can read books, play dolls, swim in whatever castle or pirate ship we can find, we can relax in the sun or shade outside. we
    can lounge in the pool or tub. we can read books wherever we end up to be-raft in the pool, lounge in the shade,or just veg out on the blow up pool toys/playthings. I have a jr in hs and his girlfriend along with all their friends and the a freshman in college coming home in july some time from his first year at Haverford College in Haverfordm PA. More later

  4. RoMama,

    So sorry to hear about Ava.
    Thinking of you and Rockstar Ro!!!
    Always Ro!!!

  5. Thinking good thoughts for little Ava Holder!! I REMEBER her from a past post. I am so hopeful for little beautiful Ava to beat this awful Disease. Lots of compassion and love to you sweet one!

  6. Praying for Ava…just so not fair…thinking of you and Ro, always…

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